Class List

Midland Classmates - Our whole 1962 class - all 595 of us!

Reunion List - Classmates attending our 2012 reunion!

Contact Info List - This is the long awaited, and much requested link to our data base of contact info for those classmates that we have. If anything we have is wrong, please email me and I'll correct it!

Missing Classmates - This is the last list we had before our 40th reunion, and is now only 26, thanks to all of your efforts, and a little growth on our "deceased" list as well! Can you please help us locate these last "missing" classmates, for whom we have neither phone or land addresses? (we have a few Email addresses, but can't send mail to those). We want everyone at our reunion, but don't know where to start to find these "old" friends. Please HELP!! Use our "message board" with info.

Only in our memory - UPDATED AS OF NOVEMBER 6, 2016 - Unfortunately, this list is now updated for a total of 123, Classmates that have "departed" the land of the living, and remain with us only in our memories. Please let us know of any other deceased classmates by using the message board or sending me an email, and of course, please let me know of any errors or corrections on any of these lists. Thanks, SDP.