Missing Classmates - these are the folks for whom we have no current address -either mail or electronic, and can't reach to tell about our "fabulous fiftieth!

If you know where even one of these folks are, let us know immediately on the "message board"

Avery, Shirley
Farrism, Jim
Foster, Doug
Franklin, Nancy (Johnson)
Gibbons, Diane (Vanderpool)
Hays, Phylliss
Hill, Marilyn
Hoeltzel, Gerald
Ivan, Diane
MacDonald, Phylliss
Mack, Lorraine
McCann, Raymond
McClain, Susan (McCutcheon)
Melchi, Victoria
Meyer, Sally
Moore, Judith
Nagle, Catherine
Norton, Ruth
Owen, Michael
Patrick, Walter
Pursell, Judith
Stevens, Marjorie
Sweebe, Ted
Ward, Delia
Winkler, Linda
Yoder, Maxine (Stone)