Updated Nov. 18, 2006

Now that our 40th Reunion is history and we're starting to talk about our45th!

I want to use this Link to provide any information about our class, or classmates that i can round up!

For Example:

We should all be very proud of our classmate, Denny Moore, for both his efforts, as well as his successes in the Amazon in Brazil. A recent article is very interesting reading, and tells us more than Denny would every share. Check out this Science Magazine Article about Denny: article.

Now I know there is much more information, publicity, articles, etc. about our class than this, and hope you all will send information to me as you come across it.

Any information is fair game: promotions, elected office, weddings, anniversaries, anything your classmates would be interested in learning about.

I have converted this website, which was used as a tool to reach out to MHS 1962 classmates, promote the reunion, and chase down contact info for as many people as we could.

Based on feedback received in Midland in June, we have redirected this site to serve more as a venue to help people stay connected

Whether that effort will be successful or not will depend on how adverturesome people are with the use of our Memory Book/Personal Pages, the Message Board, etc.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding how this site could be more effective, please let me know by emailing, or using the message board.

And, if you want a commemorative copy of our Reunion brochure, you can obtain another copy by clicking Midland High School Reunion Brochure

Thank you.

Steve Pletcher, Class of '62