UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 6, 2016 this is the place to let people know what you've been up to the last 55 years, OR to just say hi. Please be sure to check out the new Personal Pages on the Register Link. Find out what your Classmates have been up to the last few (FIFTY-FIVE) years! Please use this Message Board to say hi, look for someone, comment on our pictures, or to just stay in touch, etc. Just click this link: Send a Message!

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349.  RIP Steve Pletcher
 Don Wheaton - 12/28/2018

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345.  Hi Kids, Looks like not many of us are using the GREAT website these last few years Steven has so graciously set up and maintained; although I am sure we are all grateful for it's existence and the access it allows us to our dear classmates. Who said there is no such thing as time travel. I am messaging mainly because I thought that I needed to let you know that my the last 2 letters of my clown website has changed from ".uk" to ".org". Also; I have printed my first book of a selection of 101 of my photographs taken from 50 years of work. A beautifully printed A4. $100 including shipping. You can see the entire layout in my Facebook site "Palfi Laughologist Rinehart"/Photos/Albums/palfi photos book" There are a few other albums in there that might interest folks: "Clown at War", which includes 582 photos I took while I was a Medic August 1968-August 1969. There is a great deal of writing with this album as there are with several of my 60 or more albums including 3 on the history of my family with photographs going back to 1863, La Porte back as far as 1910 and my travels. Love to ALL of you. Who thought we would have lasted so long or experience so much? All of us.
 "Joe" Hurst Rinehart - 4/10/2018

344.  How many classmates were there at the Fall, 2017 reunion?
 Don Wheaton - 4/3/2018

343.  How many classmates were there at the Fall, 2017 reunion?
 Don Wheaton - 4/3/2018

342.  Happy Holidays, classmates!
 Don Wheaton - 11/23/2017

341.  Ken - No, we are not high finance, but we still want a quality reunion website. The "not a robot" is our way of trying to keep spam from getting onto this message board. Before we upgraded that, we were getting tons of spam posts and I was spending way too much time deleting it. I hope the reunion has a great turnout! I had made plans for a trip to France so won't be present but look forward to hearing about and seeing a lot of photos as well.
 Stephen D Pletcher - 9/9/2017

340.  I don't see very many "confirmed R.S.V.P.'s. I will enjoy visiting with the other 7 listed but hope to see many more soon. Other than being involved in grassroots conservative politics, my life has been pretty much lackluster. One of my very positive achievements is that I have been married to my first wife (Cheryl Dittenber/MHS Class of 1963) for over 51 years. For those of you that have accomplished the same, you know that the journey is not always an easy one. I saw in an email a while back an elderly lady sitting next to what appeared to be her ill husband. It seems to me that the years of marriage were something near 70! When asked how they stayed married so long, the answer was "We are from a generation where if something was broken, you fixed it." There are very few marriages that don't need "fixing" from time to time. And wutzup with the "I'm not a robot" thing for this website?? We're not talking high finance here - it's just a class reunion site!
 Ken Herringshaw - 7/18/2017

339.  Babies, Not sure I can make it this time, though I love to see my old friends. Stacked up with field projects with the indigenous groups in western Brazil.
 Denny Moore - 7/5/2017

338.  Dear Classmates of 61/62, unfortunately I will not be able to attend the reunion in September. It will be October until we are able to visit our family near Toronto. So there is no chance for me to come over to Michigan from Germany before that month. Greetings to all of you. Hopefully we will be seeing each other on the occasion of our 60th reunion. Who knows....? Best wishes from across the ocean Fee Busch-Kempkens
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 7/2/2017

337.  First - Thanks to Steve for all the help using this reunion and contact web page and for all the work he's put into it. I will not be attending the reunion this year but do hope to make one of them in the future.
 Virginia Thomas Kellogg - 6/16/2017

336.  I have updated my profile page Ginnie Thomas Kellogg
 Virginia Kellogg - 6/16/2017

335.  Our Midland High Class of 1962 reunion is fast approaching September 29 + 30. This is a reminder to please RSVP as soon as possible to this website, classmates.com, or midland1962reunion@gmail.com. If you plan on attending the Friday night football game the price is $5 for a reserved seat in our reunion section. After the game we will be meeting at Frick's Bar on N. Saginaw no charge. Saturday at 6 we will be at the American Legion on Hedgewood Dr. $10 each or 2 for $15. Please send a check made out to Midland 1962 to Russ Pressnell 2301 Carol Court, Midland 48642. We look forward to seeing all of you.
 Reunion Committee - 6/6/2017

334.  Sorry, but I will not be able to make the 55th reunion. I wish all of my classmates well and hope everyone has a wonderful time!!!
 Jo Titus-Gillender - 6/3/2017

333.  Hi! In answer to posting number 331, Ted Sweebe passed away on March 22nd of this year, according to the Midland Daily News.
 Don Wheaton - 6/2/2017

332.  Hello Classmates: I apologize for the problems we've had with the website over the last two weeks. Once these things get screwed up, they can be very difficult (and time consuming) to get corrected. Everything seems to be working at the moment and I'll keep a closer eye on the site in the future. I set this site up in 2002 (back before websites were being used by everybody!) Thanks, SDP
 Stephen Pletcher - 5/31/2017

331.  Hi Classmates, we have sent out 420 postcards. Three have been returned with no forwarding addresses. Anyone have an address for James Blasey (CA), Ted Sweebe (Midland), and Bernie Baringer (AZ)? Keep in touch via this website thanks to Steven Pletcher.
 Reunion Committee - 2/7/2017

330.  John Westley passed away on Monday, January 30th, 2017.
 Don Wheaton - 2/6/2017

329.  Hello Classmates:Thanks to Joanie, Harold and the Reunion Committee for all their work in planning our 55th on Sept 29/30 - it will be here before we know it! Sending out a ton of postcards (how many were sent??), etc. is a lot of work! We hope as many of you as possible will attend.
 Stephen D Pletcher - 2/3/2017

328.  Hello Classmates: By now, you should have received a postcard with all the details for our 55th reunion, to take place on Sept 29 and 30th. If you didn't get a postcard, I've posted all the important info on the home page (click on the Chemic Yearbook to get there). Use this message board to RSVP or with questions or comments. Also, now is a good time to see what your favorite classmates have been up to, or to update your own personal profile under our Register tab to the left. If you've forgotten your password or username (getting forgetful?!?), just let me know, give me your email address, and I'll look it up and send it to you. Mark your calendar now for Sept 29 and 30th. SDP
 Stephen D Pletcher - 1/31/2017

327.  Thank you for the invitations to the 55th class reunion. I will be unable to attend.
 Sally (Warren) Staszak - 1/28/2017

326.  I don't remember a password for writing on the message board. Thanks, mcgill501@chartermi.net
 Dan McGillivray - 1/28/2017

325.  Dear Organization-Committee, thanks for the invitation. If I should be on your side of the ocean (visiting my daughter and family near Toronto) I shall come to Midland! Thank you for the invitation. I guess you did not mean 9th of January for us to reply but 1st of September. Am I right? This is just to prevent further confusion (see the note of our class-mate before mine). Best greetings and also thanks for all your efforts to bring together once more the Class of '62. Fee Busch-Kempkens from Germany
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 1/28/2017

324.  Thank you for the 55 year invitation. Unfortunately, I won't be able too attend the gatherings with my husband, Robert Berger. The card said that I needed to reply so I'm replying. Enjoy the gathering. Ann Berger
 Elise Ann Berger - 1/27/2017

323.  Hopefully wonderful holidays to all of you-and only the best for the upcoming year 2017! Fee Busch from Cologne/Germany
 elicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/22/2016

322.  Hello Classmates: We continue to update our "Only in our Memories" page, as the number of deceased classmates continues to grow. Check out that page for our latest updates. Let us know if we're missing anyone that you know has passed away!
 Stephen Pletcher - 12/5/2016

321.  Happy Holidays, classmates!
 Don Wheaton - 11/22/2016

320.  Hello Classmates: There is an update on the homepage (click on the yearbook to get there, and also an update on our list of deceased classmates - click on classlist and then "only in our memory". Plans are coming together for our 55th. Be sure to alert your fellow classmates to check in on what is being planned. SDP
 Stephen Pletcher - 11/7/2016

319.  If you need help getting back onto your Personal Page (Register tab), let me know. I can look up your username and password if you've forgotten what you used. Be sure to let us know here that you've updated your bio.
 Stephen Pletcher - 9/29/2016

318.  Hello classmates! I know this site is getting very little use, but nonetheless sat down today and updated my Register page with more current personal info. If you haven't updated your page recently, please do so and then post a note here so people will know to look at your updated "scoop"!
 Stephen Pletcher - 9/29/2016

317.  Hello Classmates: I continue to keep this website active, despite low usage levels between reunions. Presuming our 55th will happen in Sept. 2017, we are nearing the "one year out" point, and that's typically when reunion planning and website usage starts to pick up. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any updates on our class of '62.
 Stephen Pletcher - 7/15/2016

316.  Dear Classmates, for Christmas I got an interesting book from my American family: "Big Lessons from a Small Town"(Arbutus Press, Traverse City) by Bill Schuette, Attorney General of Michigan. He for example was US-Congressman,Michigan State Senator and a few things more. The nice book is about his upbringing in Midland (and the lessons learned by this) whose native B.Sch. is. The cover shows Midland Main Street. I got it by my exchange-family of 1961 because "little Billy" was one of my kindergarten/elementary school students in my German class which I taught at home back then to earn some pocket-money. B.Sch. signed the book in Midland in December and my Dad, George Momany, sent it to me. The recommendations on the back are e.g. by Barbara Bush and James A. Baker. Greetings from across the ocean, Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 1/8/2016

315.  My best greetings for the season and good wishes for the upcoming year 2016 to all of you! Felicitas (Fee) Kempkens from Germany
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/18/2015

314.  Happy Holidays, Classmates!
 Don Wheaton - 11/25/2015

313.  Barb - thanks for letting us know about John Dilloway's passing.I'm sure our class list is woefully behind on such occurrences!
 Steve Pletcher - 9/10/2015

312.  John A. Dilloway, 71, of Midland, died Friday, March 6, 2015, at his home. He was born Feb. 23, 1944, in Midland, the son of Paul L. and Ruth I. (Thompson) Dilloway. John graduated from Midland High School in 1962. He was an electrician by trade, working for several contractors in the area before retiring in 2006. John was a lifetime member at St. John's Lutheran Church, serving as an usher for more than 50 years. He enjoyed walking at the Midland Mall, traveling, and had a strong love for his family. He is survived by brother, David (Jaunita) Dilloway of Saginaw; sister, Kathleen (David) Stahlhut of Godfrey, Ill.; sister-in-law, Sherryl Dilloway of Freeland; very close friend, Julia McLean; and nine nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; and his brother, Paul. Funeral services will take place at 11 a.m., Monday, March 16, 2015, at St. John's Lutheran Church. The Rev. Matthew Makela and The Rev. Daniel Kempin will officiate, with burial in Midland Memorial Gardens. John's family will receive friends at the church on Monday from 10 a.m. until time of services. Those planning an expression of sympathy may wish to consider St. John's Lutheran School. Arrangements have been entrusted to the care of Ware-Smith-Woolever Funeral Directors. - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ourmidland/obituary.aspx?n=john-a-dilloway&pid=174370026#sthash.BAPhSFlz.dpuf
 Barbara Ghoshal - 9/7/2015

311.  Merry Christmas to all our 1962 classmates! I hope your 2014 has been great and wish that 2015 will bring health, happiness and success to you and your family! Don, thanks for noticing that our spam contamination has dropped dramatically. Erasing it had been a nearly daily task for me which has now dropped significantly. The spam filter I'm using has been improved and upgraded, and it seems to be working. Do you know that we've had this website up and running since 2002 and when I set it up for our 40th reunion, and now I'm looking out for our 55th - in 2017 I presume! Happy New Year everybody! Please let us know of any "news" about you or our fellow classmates.
 Steve Pletcher - 12/8/2014 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

310.  Hi! After what seemed like an almost daily assault of spam on this site for several years, there has not been a bit of spam for over 2 weeks now. I assume that you were the one that fixed the situation, Steve, how did you do it? and thanks for fixing it! - Don Wheaton
 Don Wheaton - 9/17/2014

309.  I today received word from Joanie Billingsley of the death of our classmate Jeff Lee who passed away in May in California. Jeff's obit can be viewed at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/ourmidland/obituary.aspx?n=jeffrey-f-lee&pid=171271612 Jeff had an impressive career, and will be missed.
 Steve Pletcher - 6/8/2014

308.  Thanks Allan for your post. You mentioned attending the 50th of MHS class of '63, has your class of '64 not been having its own reunion? As the webmaster for this site, I'm curious if anyone else has done a website like this? Regardless, your posting to this site is welcome. Nice to hear from you. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/28/2014 - www.midland1962reunion.com

307.  …finishing my post… This year I'll be attending my 50th. At the 45th I actually attended a day of classes at MHS. Loved it. This year I have requested to attend for a whole week prior to the reunion. Not sure if it will be granted. I wish you all the absolute best. Allan Payne 7844 Gapstow Bridge Cincinnati, OH 45231 513.207.8900
 Allan Payne - MHS '64 - 2/27/2014

306.  Class of '62: I hope you don't mind my intrusion into your site. I found "you all" some time back and saw a photo of Frank Philip ('62), me and Pat Priest singing in our old trio. I remember many of you, though most of you will have no clue who I am. I knew Steve Digsby from sports, Bob Boeke and Jim Tucker (from Little League baseball), Larry Jaster (sports), Jerry Parsons (wish I had the recipe for those Dog n Suds sloppy joes), and Sue Roeller (with whom I sang), to name just a few of you. Last year I actually attended the MHS '63 reunion and saw a couple dozen of my old classmates, many of whom you would know - Ron Shangle, Dick Black, Tim Chanter, Kitty Carey, Jim Livingston, Paul Martin, John McPeak, Jim Secor, Rick Howson, Dick Blasy, and Jim Leigeb. I remember my MHS days so fondly
 Allan Payne - MHS '64 - 2/27/2014

305.  Thanks for the updated lists, Steve!
 Don Wheaton - 2/25/2014

304.  Hello Classmates: Today we updated two of the important lists on our Class List link: We've published an updated "only in our memories" list which now shows 103 of our classmates that are no longer with us on this earth! Pretty alarming knowing that our class started with 595 grads (according to my count of our graduating class). Please be sure to review this list and let us know of any other addition; or, if we've made any mistakes - please let us know of that as well. We've also updated our "missing classmates" list, and are now down to only 26 classmates that we have not been able to find contact info for - mailing address, email, telegraph, etc. Please check this list as well and if you know the whereabouts of anyone, let us know ASAP. As our OIOM list continues to grow I keep reminding our reunion planning committee we better have another reunion while there are still enough of us to fill one table! Hope all of you are well. Please use this page to stay in touch with all of your (remaining) classmates. Regards,
 Stephen Pletcher - 2/24/2014 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

303.  I received a follow up email from Carl's daughter in response to my request for a link to her Dad's obituary. Her response is very poignant and sends a message from Carl to each of us: Here is it: Thanks, Stephen. The link to the obituary is: http://obits.mlive.com/obituaries/jackson/obituary.aspx?=carl-colby&pid=168182021&fhid=5808 . The obituary ran in Jackson Citizen Patriot, Midland Daily News and the Detroit News. Dad was living in Jackson, MI. Dad would want me to encourage you (and everyone else in the class) to fully retire if you have not done so already, and to enjoy life. Dad was working as an IT contractor right through the week he went into the hospital – and had no idea he was sick – and yes, he did go to his annual physicals/various doctors’ appointments. 8 weeks later (most of that time in the hospital), dad passed away from a VERY aggressive form of leukemia (doctors at U of M actually thought he was in remission 1 week before he passed). Dad’s only regret was that he had not fully retired when he had the chance. It has definitely been a tough few months, but hopefully one day, it will get easier. Deb (SDP Again) Again, I thought this was an important message relayed via the daughter of a classmate recently deceased. I hope you all find it meaningful, as did I. Best regards to all of you. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 1/15/2014 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

302.  Dear Classmates: I received an email today informing me that our dear classmate, Carl Colby, had passed away on Nov. 23rd. The email was from Carl's daughter, Debra, who is an attorney in Detroit. I did not receive any additional information such as the death notice or obituary but will pass it on when I receive it. Carl was on our Register page and last showed living in Jackson. Carl was at our 50th reunion in 2012 and I remember speaking with him during dinner. I wrote back to Debra and extended the condolences of our class to her family. Our class continues to dwindle!! We should try to update our "only in our memories" webpage so we have a current tabulation for everyone's benefit! Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 1/14/2014 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

301.  Happy New Year Classmates! I hope you've each had a wonderful Christmas and great holiday season. I try to erase any spam or junk messages that get posted to our website, and sorry if I ever inadvertently erase a legitimate message (sorry Fee). My best wishes that each of you have a safe, healthy and happy 2014. Please stay in touch. We need to plan our next reunion, and I wonder if waiting for our 55th may be too long an interval. Thoughts? Best regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 1/5/2014

300.  Dear Classmates, as I looked through our message-board, I observed that my message with all my best wishes for all of you which I had sent some time ago just disappeared after the trash messages were cleared out. So I will renew my wishes to all of you once more. Felicitas Busch-Kempkens .
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/31/2013

299.  I saw that Don Johndro has passed away. His obituary was in the Midland Daily News in early November.
 BarbaraGhoshal - 12/5/2013

298.  Happy Holidays, everybody!
 Don Wheaton - 11/25/2013

297.  Classmates: I received word from Barb (Clack) Goshal, that our classmate, Paul Barnum, passed away on October 8th. The obituary may be found if you search by his name, along with "obituary" and "Midland". I'm sure many of you remember Paul. Our condolences to Paul's family.
 Steve Pletcher - 10/20/2013 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

296.  Hello Classmates: I was pleased to hear that our little old town has been designated as the number one town in Michigan, in an article "the top ten towns in Michigan" by Movato, a real estate blog. Here's the link. http://www.movoto.com/blog/top-ten/t10-best-cities-in-michigan/ I always felt we were especially blessed to grow up in such a unique town as Midland.
 Steve Pletcher - 10/20/2013 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

295.  There will be a celebration of life for our classmate Sue Kilworth Brown Miller who passed away shortly after our 50th reunion. It will be held on Friday August 16th 1-5 with a memorial at 2pm at the Whiting Forest, 2303 Eastman Rd., Midland. Everyone is invited to come and share their stories of Sue with her family and friends.
 Reunion Committee - 7/29/2013

294.  Joanie - wow! Learning of the loss of two classmates in two days - that's a downer! I remember Becky well also, and saddened to hear all this news! It may be interesting to our classmates that both Kay and Becky had completed their Personal Pages on the Register tab, so you can see a brief biography on each of these "only in our memory" classmates. We'd discussed trying to put together a page listing all our lost classmates, along with their yearbook photos. It seemed a daunting task when we last looked at it, but I'm wondering if we should revisit it. Our condolences to both Kay and Becky's family and close friends. If anyone hears of any other classmate deaths, please let us know. Sincerely, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 6/2/2013 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

293.  Becky Williams has also passed away this year. She was unable to attend our 50th reunion but we were able to get together for lunch and talk about our childhood.
 Joan Billingsley - 6/1/2013

292.  Joei: Thanks for your post. We appreciate your letting everyone know about Kay's passing. Kay, her parents and two brothers were neighbors of mine and my family - across the street at Bookness Street (through 6th grade) and then next door at Noeske Steet through graduation. She was a sweet and kind person, as were her loving parents who I remember very well. I don't believe either of Kay's brothers have survived this long either. Very sad!
 Steve Pletcher - 5/31/2013 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

291.  I received an e-mail from Linda (Rinn) Schramm the other day informing me that our dear friend Kay Ohlrogee passed away on May 12, 2013. She will be greatly missed.
 Joei Gillender - 5/31/2013

290.  Greetings Classmates: This message board grows pretty silent between reunions, which is sad; however I continue to monitor it and I remove spam posts nearly everyday to keep it "clean" of such junk. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and a wonderful, warm, sunny, and safe summer as well. Let me know if there is any meaningful MHS news that needs to be posted to our reunion website. Take care, please stay in touch! Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 5/24/2013 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

289.  Hello Classmates: Does anyone remember the great winters we had in Midland when we were kids?? I remember drifts that were up to the roof lines of our houses and icicles that used to reach to the ground! Am I dreaming or do you remember those winters? Well, we've just had a storm in Boston that brings back those memories. I've posted some photos on Facebook - still not like "the old days!" though. Of course we were a bit smaller back then. Stay warm and dry! Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/9/2013 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

288.  For those of you who did not know, we lost our dear friend Sue Kilworth this past November. In talking with Sue's cousin Claudis, it is my understanding a memorial service will be held sometime this spring. Please keep Sue's family in your thoughts and prayers.
 Sue Bloor Haynes - 1/7/2013

287.  Wishing all our 1962 MHS Classmates a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2013! It was great seeing so many of you during our 50th and look forward to our next reunion. Happy New Year!! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 12/31/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

286.  Fee: Sending our warmest holiday wishes to you as well. We appreciated your making the LONG trip to be with us. I wish we had done something to recognize the longest trip for our classmates - between you from Germany, Joe/Hurst (UK), and Denny Moore (Brazil) {was there someone else who came from overseas?} we should have given an award. Merry Christmas to everyone!
 Steve Pletcher - 12/19/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

285.  Merry Christmas and all the best to all of my former class-mates for 2013. Thanks for the great welcome at the reunion. I will add this to all the good memories of my Midland HS year. Fee Busch-Kempkens
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/19/2012

284.  Happy Holidays, everybody!!!
 Don Wheaton - 12/17/2012

283.  Hello Classmates: Thanks for the information on Dave Petty's phot book on The Amish - I looked at it on Amazon and it does look fabulous! Dorla, thanks for the article on Coach Carey - very interesting; and Joe, I'm enjoying your photos on Flickr and your posts as well. Please keep sending and posting. I seem to have discouraged the spammers that were bombarding our Midland web site during the summer. I erased the one from this weekend - not sure if it was in Chinese or Russian! I hope everyone orders a copy of Dave's The Amish book, and sends a contribution to the Coach Carey fund as well. Merry Christmas everybody! Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 12/17/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

282.  MHS Class of 1962, Last August in Charlevoix, Michigan, 32 teams participated in the Keith Carey Cup.. It is an annual co-ed event that honors the contributions that Coach Carey made to another group of young people. Keith was born in Charlevoix, Michigan in 1920. He graduated from Charlevoix highschool in 1938 and went to Alma College. In 1942 he graduated from Alma and went into the Navy and became a Chief Petty Officer. He left the Navy in 1946 and was recruited by Dow to work for Dow and join the Dow AC's basketball team. The team made it to the amateur basketball national finals in 1947. However Keith's interests were in teaching and coaching. So in 1948 he got together with Jim Barclay and joined the staff at MHS. Beginning in the 50's, Keith worked summers at the Charlevoix Golf Club (now the Charlevoix Municipal Golf Course) and managed it for several years. Keith Emrey Carey retired from MHS in 1979 and passed away in 1999. He and his wife Lois had three daughters. Their daughter Nancy provided us with most of the biographica infol presented here. The following from the local newspaper describes the origin of the Keith Carey Cup: KEITH CAREY VENETIAN CUP HISTORY: It was the late fifties and Dean Davenport was serving his first few years of the 18 seasons he was the City of Charlevoix summer Recreation Director. His youth golf program was restricted to playing at the high school's football practice fields. Keith Carey serving as course Manager at the Municipal Golf Course, upon learning of the p... rogram, offered the opportunity for the junior golfers to use the course on certain days and times. Davenport recalls the interest and cooperation Keith displayed. "The feeling that prevailed at that time was-kids weren't welcomed on golf courses. It was felt that they slowed play, didn't follow course rules and were a bother. Keith was the first area golf course manager to realize that youth golfers could be educated to play on courses and it became a break through early on for the Charlevoix Junior Golf Program". It was several years ago Davenport proposed to Municipal Golf Course management that the annual city tournament as well as the Venetian Festival youth tournament he managed as Director of the Charlevoix County Junior Golf program, recognize Keith Carey's impact on golf in Charlevoix. As a result the Keith Carey Cup became a reality. A permanent plaque recognizing the KEITH CAREY CUP winners resides in the clubhouse. Keith's wonderful managerial style set a high standard and is remembered by longtime players that recall Keith's impact on the Charlevoix golfing community and it's young people. END Over 100 girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 17 participated in the Junior Golf Program this year. When the program was started the focus was on teaching a good value system through golf rather than the perfect grip or swing. They used golf to teach honesty, integrity, social skills, and responsibility. The kids kept accurate count of their srtokes, played the ball where it layed, had respect for and fun with lots of new kids, and played by the rules. At one time early in the program it grew to 270 kids and the program became too large and hard to manage. So Keith and Dean (above) developed a junior golf model that other communities could use. Some of the nearby communities used it to establish their own programs and the number of kids in the Charlevoix program dropped to a manageable level. The foundation of today's Junior Golf Program is to still teach good values. Just like it was in the 1950's when Keith started at the Charlevoix Golf Club. The Charlevoix economy is not flourishing. Tourism is the primary business and it is good for a total of about 4 1/2 months during the year. The winter ski trade is north in Petoskey/Harbor Springs and east at Boyne Mountain and in Boyne Falls and Boyne City. The Junior Golf Program has no formal financial support. Accordingly, to include every child that wants to participate, it has to rely on donations. With the help of the schools, kids that want to play or may want to play, are identified from families that can not afford the program. The Keith Carey Cup and contibutions provide equipment, greens fees, lessons, travel, trophies/awards, and even some clothing. Every year as many scholarships as possible are provided for kids to attend college or a golf camp at Ferris State University. If you would like to help contiunue Keith's good work and support some great kids you can assist by sending a check made out to "Charlevoix County Jr. Golf". Send it to Dean Davenport, Executive Director Junior Golf, 13535 Mathews Drive, Charlevoix, Michigan, 48720. Put a note with it - "Midland High School Class of 1962." Merry Christmas!!! Dorla Western (Orr)
 Reunion Committee - 12/16/2012

281.  Dorla Orr Western has passed this article on to us to post for all to see.
 Reunion Committee - 12/16/2012

280.  WOW! What was that last "message" blip? I have just added a vast number of annotated photos to my Midland Reunion Flicker site, which is: Flikr.com/photos/palfi. There are photos of houses in Midland, the Classic Car Show, the Court House, the Tridge,the Dow Founder's Garden, The Whiting Overlook Park, the Chippewa Nature Reserve and Homestead, friends on our bus tour and a few of my family. There are,in my Facebook Albums, many more pictures of Laporte, the houses and my family from 1863 to the present day, the grave yard there, other parts of Michigan including Mackinaw City, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, my early years, my immediate family's history from 1936 to the present day, my father's side of the family(the Rineharts and Browns) from 1863- 2001, and my mother's family(the Palfey's from Klagenfurt Austria?Hungary) from 1903-2001. The Palfeys came to Midland County in 1912. One can see them by becoming a "Friend" with me Palfi Laughologist Rinehart. You can also see what I've been up to as a Professional Clown and Photographer if you wish on Facebook, and on my clown website: drpalfi.co.uk and my photography website is: palfiphotos.co.uk. I loved being at the Reunion and in Midland again as always and talking with and seeing as many of you all and our old haunts as possible. I can never get enough. Again; a huge thanks to Joan, Suzan, Carol, Rita, Bill, Russ and the gang for working so hard and doing such a grand job. It was thrilling. Love and Bananas, Joe
 Hurst Rinehart - 12/16/2012

279.  Congratulations to Dave Petty on the publication of his book,"THE AMISH: PHOTOGRAPHS OF AN AMERICAN TREASURE".He has been taking photos since 1985 and this book is a small portion of the thousand of photos he has taken. It is available at www.amazon.com and locally at The Midland Center for the Arts gift shop and Serendipity 181.
 Reunion Committee - 12/11/2012

278.  Joe: I think the correct address to see your photos is www.flickr.com/photos/dr_palfi At least that seemed to work for me when I went searching for it. Some nice pix - thanks for posting them. Regarding Facebook, I believe the committee tried to do that but got discouraged as it lacked the needed functionality. Perhaps one of the committee members can provide more details regarding the obstacles they ran into. Thanks again for posting your photos. Regards, SDP
 Anonymous - 12/4/2012

277.  Sorry. I'm new to this. I do not think I've written my flicker address is correct. I'll consult my PA.
 Hurst Rinehart - 12/4/2012

276.  I've put a few photos of classmates on the bus tour on www.flickr.com/photo/drpalfi.
 Hurst Rinehart - 12/4/2012

275.  Perhaps it would be good to have a Facebook page to put the pictures on and then people could tag them and find it easier to keep in touch and find out more about each other. There is NEVER enough time at the reunion in spite of how wonderful they are. It was GOOD to meet with so many dear friends again. Again: GREAT job organizers. Thanks millions.
 Joe Rinehart - 11/26/2012

274.  Great New Pictures(easy to make comments. I named a few people,Great Website, Great Reunion. Why can I not find the late Sue Kilworth in our yearbook? Did she move to Saginaw for her last year or two of highschool?
 Joe Rinehart - 11/26/2012

273.  Joe: Thanks for your post, and sorry that you and Lucinda were not able to join us for our 50th reunion. I'm glad to hear you got a copy of the video (to see how much fun you missed). On the Flickr page (noted below) you can see the photos of the rest of the weekend and also our get together with Coach Scogg. Have a great Thanksgiving. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 11/21/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

272.  My wife (Lucinda House) and I just received the reunion DVD today, and watched it this evening. Wonderful to see--thank you! Scrolling down this message board, I noticed Willard and Steve's comments on Dr McKay--you may be interested that I had occasion to refer to him as a great role model, just this past weekend during the Catholic (!) Engaged Encounter weekend we helped present.
 Joe DeVet - 11/19/2012

271.  The 50th reunion committee would like to thank everyone that made a donation, attended, and helped make our 50th reunion a success. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves. We WILL be having a 55th reunion in the fall of 2017. Please keep us aware of new addresses and emails using this website or midland1962reunion@gmail.com. See you all in 5 years.
 Reunion Committee - 11/12/2012

270.  We are saddened today to learn of the passing of another classmate, Sue Killworth Brown-Miller. Sue attended our 50th reunion and enjoyed herself. Our prayers are with her family.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 11/7/2012

269.  Hello Classmates: As you may have noticed by seeing message postings (such as with great discounts on Viagra), and then finding them removed (just as you're reaching for your pencil to write down the number!), I'm trying to police our website every day and to remove spam as soon as it appears, in the hopes that our site will make some spammer's list of "don't bother" websites! Anyway, that's why you see all the messages and then find them gone! On another front, as Joanie mentioned below, and those of you at the reunion are aware, we had a video production company tape our reunion dinner on Saturday. Everyone was interviewed, and the general festivities filmed as well, and that video is being offered for sale. Everyone who attended the reunion has gotten a letter with instructions on how to order the video,but for those of you that weren't there (and shame on you!), the contact info is Raines Video Productions. The cost is $29.95 plus $4.00 for shipping. You can order by phone at 800-654-8277 or 503-274-9635. Their website is www.rainesvideo.com but you can't order on line. I've not seen the final tape yet, but have spoken with the company who promise about 90 minutes of highlights, interviews, candid photos and video, etc. and you'll be able to see who has aged well, and who may not still look like they graduated yesterday! By the way Raines offers a satisfaction guarantee and a full refund if you don't like the tape. When I get it, I'll write a quick recap on our message board and may also try to put some short sections onto YouTube with a link to this website. We had a fun time, and I'm looking forward to seeing the video which Raines has produced. Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 11/1/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

268.  Dear Reunion Committee and Steve, Since I was in Canada after attending our great reunion and returned home sick, today is the first time I am ready to send all of you a heartfelt "thank you" for the great job all of you have done again. It was such a pleasure for me to see many of you again and to renew memories and contacts. What a priviledge! I wish you all well and hope to see you and the others again some time in the future. I liked the pictures on your flickr site, Steve and hope to see some more of all the events. Take care and thanks again, Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 10/17/2012

267.  Here is the link to Flickr.
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 10/16/2012 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/midland1962reunion/

266.  Larry and Classmates: I've posted a few of the photos I took at our 50th on the following website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/midland1962reunion/ Note the spelling on Flickr. I think you can either edit my pix or add photos of your own, but you need to register for the site to do that (no cost however). Making you register reduces the amount of spam that hits the site I think. I looked at other options and think Flickr is as good as is available, hence I posted there. If anyone has another photo sharing location they would like us to try, let me know. Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 10/16/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

265.  Steve and all comittee members. It was a great time. Thanks for your efforts. What is the alternative website for other photos. Flicker or flider/photos/midland1962reunion?
 LarrySchmitzer - 10/15/2012

264.  Steve, what great pictures you took. I was able to name everyone.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 9/29/2012

263.  Raines Video has contacted our classmates that the video is complete.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 9/29/2012

262.  Hello Classmates: It was great seeing so many of you during our 50th earlier this month! To confirm that none of us have aged "a bit", I've put a "before and after" set of photos of our lovely and handsome class officers on our home page, and also a photo of those of us that toured MHS on Saturday morning. Be sure to take a look and put your comments on this message board. In addition, I've now posted a number of the pictures I took throughout the reunion weekend to the following site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/midland1962reunion/ Take a look and let me know what you think! Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 9/28/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

261.  I saw Coach Scogg on Sunday. He was pleased to have been visited by some of the swim team on Saturday. Thanks to the committee who put together a very enjoyable 50th. Sorry more weren't there - especially those who live nearby.
 Carol Brown Bitner - 9/19/2012

260.  Hello to everyone: What a wonderful time we had at the reunion. I looked forward to it for so long; and, it is now a bit of a letdown that is all over. The committee did a great job in the organization of our event. And, Steve has outdone himself in keeping up our fantastic website.
 Valerie Been Lober - 9/18/2012

259.  If anyone has photos of either evening please send them to me to be posted. If you don't have them with names we will try to remember who they are. Thanks lots.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 9/17/2012

258.  Thanks to all the organizers of this great event! This is the first reunion that I was able to attend and loved everything. The lanyards with our class year printed on them were unique and I was proud to wear mine. The disc brought tears to my eyes and I had to restrain myself to keep from crying. What a wonderful idea and special momento. My husband and I enjoyed it.
 Ann Berger - 9/16/2012

257.  Great to see everyone Saturday night. We have great, unique class - good time had by all. Many thanks to the organizing group and all their hard work for the whole weekend. & Thanks to Steve for maintaining this site.
 Doug Bottomley - 9/16/2012

256.  MHS Classmates: Our fabulous 50th is now concluded with friends heading home to locations near and far, from a great event in Midland. We had 116 classmates, and 181 total attendees at our Saturday evening dinner. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed our Friday mixer, Saturday school tour and Midland tour aboard a double-decker bus, and last night's evening was praised by all. Stay tuned for some great photos and videos which we'll post to this website for all to see and download or order prints of. Those of you that were not able to attend will be able to enjoy - vicariously, all the festivities. Thanks to the committee who worked very hard to plan a successful event. Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 9/16/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

255.  Thanks everyone for attending our 50th class reunion. Many of you said what fun you had and the big question is will there be a 55th. Let's all cherish our memories and hope to see you all in 5 years.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 9/16/2012

254.  Rusty, Tom and I were laughing when I was making the name tags. I said we probably couldn't call you Rusty anymore because your hair was probably gray like the rest of us! So you tag reads Jim.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 9/11/2012

253.  Hello All, I am up at the lake and will be down on Friday. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone! See you soon! Rusty Be in touch! 607-772-4740
 Jim Stark - 9/11/2012

252.  Classmates (and Denny) - thanks so much for the kind words!! Look forward to seeing everybody in a few days. Please note that my email address scattered throughout this website is no longer in use but I've not had time to make all the edits to change it. If someone needs to reach me, please use: spletcher01965@gmail.com Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 9/11/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

251.  FYI, just saw an obit today in the Midland Daily News on Sandra Falkenstein. She was married to Fred Nearing.
 Carol Brown Bitner - 9/10/2012

250.  Babies,I'll be seeing you soon. Joan Moutsatson told me I could pay there. Hope she didn't lie. Who would have thought that a screw-up like Steve would turn out to be so diligent and public-spirited? -Denny
 Denny Moore - 9/10/2012

249.  Hello Classmates: One week from tonight we'll be gathering in Midland for our fabulous 50th, and I hope everyone is looking forward to the reunion as I know I am. I've cleaned out some recent spam and also made a few other changes as well. Look forward to seeing you all in Midland next Friday. Travel safe!!
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 9/7/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

248.  Hello Classmates: The date draws ever closer and in less than 4 weeks we'll be convening in Midland to renew connections with many we have not seen in decades! Many of you have asked "who will be coming" and we've just added the attendee list to our Class List page. Of course this will change many times between now and then, but should give you a good snap shot of all the fun people you'll be seeing on September 14-15-16. Please call any of your friends who aren't on the list and get them to attend! It's not to late to add additional classmates to our best 50th ever! See you there! Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/23/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

247.  Hello MHS Classmates of 1962!! Our 50th is now less than 4 weeks away!! Have you sent back your registration form and check to the committee, made your hotel/flight/travel plans, decided which of the fun parties and tours you'll be joining? As your "self-elected" webmaster, I've just cleaned out a few spam messages plus checked our Personal Page (Register) and removed a few duplicate entries. If anybody needs their password or help with Personal Pages, please let me know. See you all in Midland in September (like the song!) Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/20/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

246.  Pat, Thanks for the correction. Look forward to seeing you at our 50th!
 Midland Reunion Committee - 8/19/2012

245.  Oops! In the previous post I signed by name as Pat Anderson/Freeman. In school is was Pat Bolan....then married Vance Anderson, and later married Bob Freeman. Therefore, my goof! Sorry 'bout that.
 Pat Bolan/Freeman - 8/18/2012

244.  Hi to all '62 classmates. I will be attending the 50th reunion and am looking forward to seeing you all. Just need to notify those who keep the address list up to date that my address is: 2906 Old Barn Road, Traverse City, MI 49685. It's been wrong for quite some time now, and it would be great to have it corrected. Thanks! See you all soon.
 Pat Anderson/Freeman - 8/18/2012

243.  Hello Classmates: We are now exactly one month from our fabulous fiftieth reunion. I hope you have sent your reservations form and check to the committee already, or, if like me, you've procrastinated, please fill out the form (available on our home page, just click Chemic) and send your check immediately!!! Do not delay!! If you've been following the messages below you'll see a lot of classmates will be at our 50th who have not, generally been able to attend (like me - I've only made the 40th). Our ranks are shrinking, and getting everyone together is a great way of bringing our entire wonderful class together for a great time. Please register, send your check, and let us know on this page that you'll be joining all of us. See you in September!! Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/13/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

242.  Your 50th reunion only comes once and is very special. I would have liked to attend but there is a medical issue with my husband. For those who will be attending, I hope you have a great time. I did submit a Personal Page if anyone is interested in seeing what I have been up to in the last 50 years.
 Garland (Elaine) Maynard - 8/11/2012 - http://midland1962reunion.com

241.  Carol: I sent your info via a separate email. Let me know it you run into any further problems. And all you MHS classmates, please use our Register page to give all of us your most current status and activities (fun things you've been doing; great personal successes;any Olympic Medals won, when you'll be released from the clink, etc.!) Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/9/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

240.  I'll be attending the reunion. I don't remember what I used to set up my info page, both user i.d. and pin. HELP
 Carol Brown Bitner - 8/6/2012

239.  Hi Classmates, Haven't really kept up with all of you. My wonderful husband died in 2008 and I have tried to keep so busy so I don't dwell on it. I'm teaching 45 voice students each week and directing 4 or 5 musicals a year. I'm so excited that Beth Bauman, and Sky Williams are coming to the 50th.I will be there too. Looking forward to seeing you all. Susan
 Susan Roeller Washburn - 8/6/2012

238.  There is still time to register to attend our 50th reunion. If you have misplaced your invitation please contact this site or midland1962reunion@gmail.com
 Midland Reunion Committee - 8/5/2012

237.  Hello MHS 1962 Classmates: Please stop right now and fill out your Reunion Registration form and return it to the committee (along with your deposit check) so they know how many classmates will be attending in September. If you've "mis-placed" your mailed registration form, just print out the form we've placed on our "home page". Please do that right now! We want everybody at our fabulous 50th!! SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/3/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

236.  Fee: Great hearing from you and happy to hear you'll be attending in September!
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/1/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

235.  I tried to reach Russ Pressnell by mail, but his address did not work properly.I wanted to inform him, too, about my signing up for the reunion and my way of payment Now I shall leave it as it is, only on the message board informing the reunion committee.
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 8/1/2012

234.  Dear Reunion-Committee, dear Class-mates, thank you very much for the written invitation. It looks really nice!! And the program is great. As I indicated in may last mail, and you confirmed it, I will be attending. Since coming from overseas I will pay upon arrival at the mixer on Friday night, as I will do with the donation. I plan on attending all 3 occasions. See you all in Midland! I guess, a former exchange-student travels down a very special memory lane. Best greetings to all, Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 7/31/2012

233.  Classmates: Beth (Bauman) Bruno had some trouble getting a post onto the Message Board, so at Beth's request, I am relaying Beth's message below: Hi all, After exchanging a few email messages with Vici White Newcomer and visiting her in California, I decided to come to the MHS 50th reunion. Vici says Sky Williams is coming and I've been in touch with Jed Hand, who is also planning to be there. It's going to be quite a trip down memory lane for all of us! See you in September. Beth Bauman Bruno email: bethbruno@comcast.net If any of you have a problem with posting to the Message Board, please let me know. I know that eh Capcha spam filter can be challenging. Keep hitting the update key until you get a code you feel you can read. Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 7/29/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

232.  Hello Classmates: I've cleaned out recent spam, plus sent Jane her lost password to access her Personal Page on our Register page. Suggest each of you update your page as well. Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 7/29/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

231.  I have forgotten my password. Help! Thanks. Jane Streeter
 Jane Schultz Streeter - 7/24/2012

230.  Good Morning, folks. It is great to hear from you, tho please do remember, that I graduated in '63, due to health issues. I was in school with alot of the folks, and I do think of them alot. I hope everyone is fine, and in good health. Blessings to all, Judy Anne McNamara Martin.
 Judy Anne McNamara Martin - 7/16/2012 - http://ruffled.violets@yahoo.com

229.  Hello Classmates: I've just scrubbed down our website to remove the recent spam, and also removed the duplicate Register postings from the Register page. If you need to have help with your password, just let me know. I hope all of you have completed and returned your RSVP cards to the committee so they will have an accurate head count for our two nights of festivities.
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 7/12/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

228.  Glad to hear you're still with us and sorry for the mistake.
 Reunion Committee - 7/5/2012

227.  Just got on this site to see what's going on with former classmates and to see if there was a reunion planned. In checking the deceased list I was shocked to see my name listed there! Last I checked I am well and living in Davison MI. So 'Hi' to all and I'm here!
 Barb Humiston Michael - 7/5/2012

226.  Hi kids, It's Howdie Doodie Time!! 1st news I'm acomin' to the reunion. I'll be flyin' into Detroit on the 13th and flyin' out on the 20th back to family in Colorado, then back to England, where you are all invited to visit me anytime, on the 28th of September. I sure do look forward to bein' with ya'll agin. No overextended egotistical clown show this time. I lost track of time. Was it really three hours. No, this time I want to chat, find out what you've done, where you've lived(especially as as you were growin' up in Midland County), and maybe arrange to get together before I depart my old stompin' ground. I have had some communication with Ty Gillespie and he informs me that he and his wife will not be making it to the reunion this time. If you need a master of ceremonies committee I can do that. And oh Steve; you really have done a marvellous job creating, maintaining and developing this terrific site. It's Chembook. Thanks. And, by the way: I forgot my "Personal Page password" HELP!!! I really would like to add my website addresses. For those of you hungry many who can't wait; here they are: www.drpalfi.co.uk and also www.palfiphotos.co.uk. I lived in England 40 years now. My email address is dr.palfi.clown@gmail.com. My Facebook name is Palfi Laughologist Rinehart. My Skype name drpalfi. Love and dynamite, to you all. Viva La Reunion. I can have my brother Sheldon bring you the cash for the two evenings.
 Joe Rinehart - 7/3/2012 - http://www.drpalfi.co.uk

225.  please, use this e-mail address, if you would like to communicate.not the 'snafu'.de -- it's long outdated. let me know if you want to visit Berlin. greetings from anne.
 annelore quirin - 6/25/2012

224.  Hello Classmates: After several months without being hit by spammers, there were three spam postings today. Fortunately I happened to check and site, saw and removed the spam. I'm on vacation the next week (biking in Bordeaux) so apologize in advance if more spam comes in and I can't get at it to remove it from France. Let us know if you're planning to join us in September!! Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 6/13/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

223.  We are both planning to be at the 50th and looking forward to seeing everyone. It is okay to list us.
 Bob & Kathy Kobel Mosher - 6/8/2012

222.  Classmates: Can we start a running tally for all of you who are planning to join us on September 14-15 for our fabulous 50th!!?? Please send a quick message, letting us know "I'll be there" or otherwise, and also let us know who you've spoken with to encourage them to start making their plans to attend. Let's target 100% of our (slowly diminishing) remaining class of 1962!! This should be a great time for all. Please use this Message Board to let us know your plans!! Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 6/3/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

221.  Hello Classmates: It's June 1st and our fabulous 50th is now within sight - just 3 & 1/2 months away. You all should have received the Reunion Flyer in the mail, outlining the dates and times for all the events which the Committee has planned. In case you haven't received the flyer, I've posted a copy on the Home page of this site, please print it, fill it out and return it to Russ Pressnell with your check, so we know you'll be coming. Be sure to update your Personal Page on our Register link so we all have the current "scoop" on what you've been up to recently (last 50 years!). Let me know if you've lost your password or want me to delete a duplicate entry (which some of you appear to have made). Not a problem for me to eliminate one for you. The only reunion I've ever attended was our 40th, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everybody after all these years. Please make plans right now to attend. See you in September!! Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 6/1/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

220.  One of the missing classmates listed on the reunion invitation was Finn Wettergreen. His obituary is online at magnerfuneralhome.com/352/Finn-Wettergreen-Memorial. I assume Bernie Bearinger's been located; he has a facebook page.
 Barbara Clack Ghoshal - 5/19/2012

219.  I just want to inform you that my wife Donna Mieske Kennedy passed away in April of 2000
 Clarence Kennedy - 5/19/2012

218.  We are happy you are attending and you can certainly make a donation at that time.
 Reunion Committee - 5/15/2012

217.  Hello, Reunion-Team and all Others, with great anticipatioin I await the invitation to our 50th reunion. Since I will be coming from overseas I hope it is possible to give a donation in Midland when I am attending. Thanks a lot for all your efforts and time you invest for all of us to make the occasion a grand happening. Best regards from Germany, Fee Busch-Kempkens
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 5/14/2012

216.  Invitations for our 50th reunion will be out shortly. Watch for them in the mail.
 Reunion Committee - 5/13/2012

215.  Sharon, Sorry you won't be able to attend the reunion but thank you for updating your address. Reunion Committee
 Reunion Committee - 4/28/2012

214.  Sorry will be unable to attend the reunion. I moved in 2006 into my own mobile home. My address is now: Sharon E (Chubb) Beamish 1855 S. Wilson Rd. Lot 437 Radcliff, Kentucky 40160 Have a great time and thanks for all your hard work on the reunion.
 Sharon E (Chubb) Beamish - 4/27/2012

213.  Thank you for this address. One more off the missing list.
 Reunion Committee - 4/18/2012

212.  Address for Marilyn Hickerson Owens 575 Mayhew Road Rose City, MI 48654
 Carol Brown Bitner - 4/17/2012

211.  Hello Classmates: I will probably bring on an avalanche of spam with this comment, but we seemed to have chased the spam posters away - presumably by my diligent deletion as soon as I see spam posted, for whatever reason, for nearly two months we've had none!!! However, that string was broken with a spam posting on Saturday which I just removed. I'll continue to work to keep our message board alive and well!! Nice to see that people are starting to think about September and our fabulous fiftieth - less than five months from now!! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 4/16/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

210.  Sky Williams and I would like to hear from any classmates who live in the West Palm Beach area. Send me an e-mail. Maybe we can get together and maybe all go to the reunion. Sky's e-mail: skywms@aol.com
 Ruth Kropscott Coffin - 4/12/2012

209.  I can see that now about Glenn Leckrone. It appears that the obit was rewritten from when it first appeared.
 Don Wheaton - 2/24/2012

208.  The obit says her son Glenn predeceased her. He passed away in 2008 and had been living in Carmel,IN
 Joan Billingsley - 2/23/2012

207.  Glenn Leckrone is on the "Only in Our Memory" list. Are you sure that he has passed away? His mom just died on Feb. 15th, according to the obit., and the article says that her son, Glenn, survives her.
 Don Wheaton - 2/23/2012

206.  Classmates: I've removed the two most recent (and very long!) Spam messages. We'll keep working on how to block all of thes Spam messages. I've added Mary Andreasen to the full original Classlist - sorry Mary, for the omission. Dawn - nice hearing from you, and sorry you won't be able to join us. Please stay in touch. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/20/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

205.  We received our invitation to the 50th class reunion. Alas, we had already booked our flights for the very same day---Sept.14 to Germany to visit one of our sons who lives there. We plan to go to the Rhine River area and Alsace, France on this visit. Sorry to miss the chance to reconnect with our classmates. Dawn Hunter Faloon and Dale Faloon
 Dawn Hunter - 2/20/2012

204.  Mary: thanks for letting us know that we're missing you from our list. I'll get that corrected ASAP. I'm still wrestling with nearly daily spam postings (you can now see two huge postings that went onto our site yesterday. I remove spam from the site every day. My son, Brian, who is quite the computer expert, is looking at a few other ways to block these, including a message length since they've getting very long. I'm leaving these two present until he can look at them to see if there is a solution we haven't previously tried. Thanks everybody. See you in September!! Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/19/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

203.  Mary, Thank you for noticing the error in the class listing. We will get that corrected. Sorry you will not be able to attend.
 Reunion Committee - 2/19/2012

202.  Just to let you know, there was a Mary Anderson AND Mary Andreasen in class of '62. I had sadly heard of the loss of Mary Anderson some years ago and see her name listed with the others we have lost. Noticed Mary Andreasen was listed as Mary Anderson in our current list. I don't expect to be at the reunion, but look with interest at all the information and pictures.
 Mary Andreasen/Peterson - 2/19/2012

201.  Happy Valentine's Day! Site cleared of spam - Monday Feb. 13. If anyone knows of a better spam filter than ReCaptcha please let me know. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/13/2012 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

200.  Hello MHS Classmates: Now that we're into 2012 the activities are building for our 50th anniversary to be held in September, 2012. The planning committee will be using this website to outline additional details as they are developed. See other pages of the site for more info on dates and locations. Also in keeping with getting ready for our 50th, we have now updated all our class lists - new contact info, an updated listing of our "Only in Our Memories" listing of the 88 classmates who are no longer with us. Please use our Register page to update your status info, and our contact class list to contact one of the "old" classmates that you haven't spoken to in years! Get them to commit to join us for the 50th! September will be fun! Please plan to attend, and please stay in touch! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/6/2012 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

199.  MHS ~ CLASS OF 1962 REUNION ~ Save These Dates September 14-15, 2012 Friday, September 14th • American Legion • $5.00 per person Saturday, September 15th • Great Hall • $40.00 per person WE NEED YOUR HELP! Show your school spirit and support your Class! Give a donation and help make this a truly special “Golden” event! Make checks payable to: Class of 1962 Mail to: Russ Pressnell, 2301 Carol Court, Midland, MI 48642 Details to follow as they become available. Visit our web site at: http://midland1962reunion.com. E-mail: midland1962reunion@gmail.com
 Reunion Committee - 2/4/2012

198.  Dear Friends, a very good year to all of you from Germany! Thanks to Steve and the committee for all the work done and still necessary to make our reunion in September a success again. I plan to come and see you and my American family again. Hope, this finds you all in good health! Best wishes and greetings Fee (Felicitas Busch-Kempkens)
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 1/6/2012

197.  The reunion committee has been working for several months and the date of the 50th reunion has been set for the weekend of Sept 14/15. Saturday evening will be at The Great Hall at Valley Plaza. The missing list now stands at 34, quite a feat in tracking everyone down. Unfortunately the departed list is now at 89 classmates. Watch this site for more updates. Thanks.
 Joan Moutsatson Billingsley - 12/29/2011

196.  Willard, Don and all our MHS Classmates: Hope you all had a great Christmas, and wishing all a wonderful, healthy, successful 2012, and our best yet MHS reunion in September - our 50th!! (please pinch me - I can't possibly be that old!). The website will remain! Looking forward to seeing you all in Midland next September. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 12/28/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

195.  Merry Christmas, everybody!
 Don Wheaton - 12/23/2011

194.  Steve, thanks for your dedication to our class and this website. I would like you to continue the website and hope that our classmates will access and use it. See you in September!
 Willard Hunter - 12/23/2011

193.  Hello Midland Classmates: Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012! I've finally gotten around to again clearing out the the spam which seems to sneak into our website. As we hope you all know and are planning for, in September 2012 our 50th reunion will occur (yes, I know it's unbelievable. I had to check it on my calculator (2012 minus 1962 = 50! Amazing!)and your reunion planning committee is working hard to outline all the details, which I will relay via this site. If any of you have any suggestions or input for the committee, please use this message board to convey them. Again, Merry Christmas, stay well, and please stay in touch. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 12/23/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

192.  Hello 1962 Classmates: I've again cleaned out a ton of spam postings, which are somehow getting past even the Captcha spam stopper I've added to the site. I know the Reunion Planning Committee is making progress in planning for our 50th in 2012, so stay tuned to this site to hear as soon as the details are announced. Please stay in touch. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 10/12/2011 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

191.  Hello Classmates: I've again cleaned up the recent spam, thanks to Joanie Billingsley letting me know that the committee is meeting to begin planning our 50th (what!, how can that be true???). The committee is meeting next week, and we'll look forward to hearing what exciting and fabulous plans they come up with. Thanks everybody. Take care and please stay in touch. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/8/2011 - http://www,midland1962reunion.com

190.  Our reunion committee is working on the reunion for September 14/15,2012. If you have moved since the 45th would you please update your current address by sending it to: Midland1962reunion@gmail.com Thanks
 reunion committee - 6/2/2011

189.  Greetings MHS Classmates: Keeping the spam off of our website is taking nearly daily checks to see what's been placed, and to edit and remove it. There doesn't seem to be a way to "filter" it, so it becomes a manual process. I'm also working on how a Facebook page could suppliment or even replace this website, but haven't had the time to fully understand how to best accomplish a transition or augmentation to/with Facebook. I hope all are well. Please stay in touch with your 1962 classmates. Thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 5/19/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

188.  Hello Classmates: I guess I spoke too soon, since the spammers have returned despite all of Brian and my efforts. Apparently some spammers want to get spam onto our site so badly that they hire "humans" (can you imagine!?!) to enter the codes like we use for our Captcha validator. In speaking with Captcha, they say they can screen out computers from humans, but not humans from humans. So, I'll just keep removing the spam every day or two, and hope it doesn't too disrupt everyone's use of the message board and our site. Thanks, please stay in touch, Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 5/9/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

187.  Hello MHS 1962 Classmates: We (through my brilliant and computer literate son Brian) have made a few changes to our spam filtering software, which hopefully will keep this message board from getting all the spam we've been receiving (and having to clear out each day) recently. Hope all are well, and please keep in touch. Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 5/6/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

186.  Hello Classmates: As the WebMaster for our Midland site, I'm trying to delete as soon as they come in, the spam messages that are getting by our spam filter - and, at the same time trying to get the filter to stop this junk. I'll keep at it until we get this resolved. Thanks for your patience. Please keep messaging with everyone, and let me know when we have some specifics regarding our 50th (OMG is it possible??!!??) plans. Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 5/5/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

185.  Hi All: I heard from Joanie Billingsley that the spammers had messed up the site in the last few weeks, but I've cleaned that all out now and will watch it and also find time to update the site with other info on our 50th if someone can feed me some specifics. I think Val's Facebook idea is also great - we should support attendance from both directions I think. thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 5/2/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

184.  Hi Classmates: Just saw all this spam getting past our filter. I'll clean it out and check the filter to prevent in the future. thanks, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 5/2/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

183.  I have written the date for our 50th on my calendar. Hoping to make it to this one. Doesn't seem possibe it's been 50 years. Vance will be there in all our memories.
 Roger D. Spann - 3/27/2011

182.  I'm so sorry to read here about Vance.
 Barbara Clack Ghoshal - 3/11/2011

181.  HI to everyone--I am glad to learn that the 2012 reunion date has been set. I had been trying to find out when it was going to be. BUT, I just can't believe that our 50th is nearly upon us. Is there a chance that news about the reunion, etc., could be placed on Facebook? I am saddened to learn about Vance Anderson!!
 Valerie Been Lober - 3/3/2011

180.  hi steve and all. great work on keeping everyone aware and in touch. love to all vance's family and friends. i do know the whereabouts and contacts for three missing folks: ruth norton in hawaii, jim blasy in san diego and victoria white in pasadena. i will have to ask them if they want to give the site their details, but if any one desperately wants to write to them please do get in touch with me via phone, letter, email, facebook or skyportal. what is the space "homepage" on the message board check in. i did not seem to have to fill it in. if anyone is coming to britain and wants showing around; please feel free to contact me. i would be happy to and chat about our lives. meantime, love and peaches, joe
 joe rinehart - 3/1/2011

179.  just to let friends know: i'm still around. you can really find out what happy trails i have taken on my web site: www.drpalfi.co.uk and my facebook page: palfi laughologist rinehart
 joe rinehart - 3/1/2011

178.  Sad note. Our 50th reunion chairman, Vance Anderson passed away on February 17, 2011.
 Reunion Committee - 2/19/2011

177.  Haven't connected with you all for a long time. Hope to finish my masters in political science in May. Need to pass the written comp exam. Very nervous. See you Sept 2012
 Willard Hunter - 2/6/2011

176.  Wow! Pretty bad when the webmaster doesn't visit his own site for this long! I guess a sign that I've been busy, as I know everyone is these days. I just updated my Registration page and remembered to make note here as well. I hope all are well. please stay in touch! SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 2/5/2011 - http://midland1962reunion.com

175.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
 Tom Robel - 12/9/2010

174.  I am looking for Lewis Bloesing who was in the Navy in the early 70's in VA. He was married to Rosemary and had a daughter Nora. When he left the Navy he joined the merchant marines. If anyone knows how to contact Lou please forward my e mail address to him
 Al Sipe - 12/27/2009

173.  I wish everybody a happy holiday and a very healthy and creative new year in 2010! At the moment I'm braving rain on old snow in Midland for Christmas. It would be great to hear from anyone to learn what you're doing. Jackie Leigh
 Jackie (Jones) Leigh - 12/26/2009 - http://sentinel-eli.blogspot.com

172.  Merry Christmas, everybody!
 Don Wheaton - 12/21/2009

171.  Greetings to fellow MHS class of 1962. I was in Midland recently and paid a visit to the old school just before classes resumed for the fall. Since I spent my whole three years in the drama club I stopped by the theater to show my wife the scene of the crimes. By coincidence the current drama teacher showed me a recently discovered box of old pictures and clippings that she wasn’t interested in storing. Most were from the late 40’s and early 50’s but I found two pages from the class of 1963. One is for a production of “The Heiress” and the other “The Lilies of the Field”. Of special interest to someone would be the publicity pictures and the newspaper accounts. I would be happy to forward either originals or scanned PDF files if anyone knows how to reach those pictured. Below I made a list of them. The original programs are also included. Our 1962 class seems to be the only MHS alumni that stays connected and these items are just too nice to loose. I live south of Lansing and my email address is mdsteble@yahoo.com. By the way, the school looks really great but even there the tough economic times show. However, you know you are not in time machine when you see all the computers in the library. Drama club play fall 1962 “The Heiress” Pictured are: Lee Kroger, Steve Randolf, Kitty Jones, Karen Grossman, Jim Secor, Kayleen Freeman, Connie Weiger, Barb McComb Senior class play spring 1963 “The Lilies of the Field” Constance Weiger, James Secor and Linda Beamer
 Mike Stebleton - 9/4/2009

170.  Hello Classmates: We've added a verification test to keep our message board from becoming clogged with computer-generated spam. All you need to do is type the two words you see. It's pretty easy. Give it a try! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 7/2/2009 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

169.  Classmates: Our message board was being invaded by spam messages, so we have added a "human or computer" validator (called Captcha) to insure you are really a classmate - or at least not a spammer. Hopefully this will work to avoid this kind of problem in the future. Thanks to my son Brian for helping fix this problem. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 6/21/2009 - http://midland1962reunion.com

168.  Hello Classmates: As the web host for this site, I'll need to find a way to keep the message board from becoming clogged with 100's of spam messages, which it has been until this evening when I was successful in cleaning it out. For anyone that had difficulty in getting onto the site, this hopefully has gotten resolved. I hope you will all use the site to stay in touch. Best regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 5/30/2009

167.  Just interested, are any of "us" on facebook? I have connected with many "Old" friends through FB, I encourage you to do the same!
 Dee Maurer McCollum - 2/1/2009

166.  Hello Classmates, and my wishes that you have a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2009!!! Sorry to be so long in updating our site. Thanks for letting me know that the spammers had gotten to our site. I've deleted all the extraneous postings and altered our web address for this link to avoid this in the future. I know there are other updates I need to make, including the outdated "only in our memories" page, which I know is important to get updated and keep current. Please continue to use this message board to stay in touch with your classmates, post any updates about what you're doing, want to be doing, and should be doing. Again, Happy New Year. Stay well and please keep in touch. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 1/3/2009 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

165.  Classmates: to any of you that are interested in the link to the Dr. McKay article, Willard forwarded it to me, and it is as follows: http://www.ourmidland.com/site/index.cfm?newsid=19313594&brd=2289&pag=461&dept_id=578054 Hopefully you can cut and paste this into your browser. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 3/9/2008

164.  Willard: Nice hearing about Dr. McKay, who I think was a big influence on a lot of us MHS'rs that were Methodists. Please keep us informed. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 3/8/2008

163.  A number of us grew up in the First United Methodist Church where Dr. Orville McKay preached for all our youthful years. I just finished reading a wonderful story about him in the MDN. Jim Stoppert added a comment and so did I. I'm working on setting up a men's group - using webcams and the Internet - with several classmates. It will be an interesting experiment to see if we can stay in touch using video. I think it will be fun.
 Willard Hunter - 2/23/2008

162.  Just wondering if Hurst Rinehart is still "clowning" around. Also wondering who else from MSH might be living out my way in the San Farnacisco Bay Area. Class of '60 is gearing up for our big 50!! dramatically and musically yours, Beje Abbott Schweitzer
 BJ Schweitzer (ABBOTT) - 2/9/2008

161.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. I had a good time at the 45th and look forward to the 50th
 KAREN GUSLER - 1/23/2008

160.  Dear Classmates, A"merry Christmas and a happy New Year" from across the ocean May you be/stay healthy and happy! Your German exchange-student of '61/62 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/25/2007

159.  Merry Christmas, everyone!
 Don Wheaton - 12/20/2007

158.  Just a note that through this webpage Margaret Freeman got in touch with me. We both live in Jacksonville. We had lunch at Panera today and enjoyed getting caught up on old times.
 Dee (Maurer) McCollum - 11/28/2007

157.  Sorry to hear of your mother's passing, Steve.
 Don Wheaton - 11/25/2007

156.  Hi Everyone, Both Tom and I had a wonderful time at the reunion. It was nice to catch up on the lives of many of our classmates. The committee did a great job (I guess I have to say that since I was a member) pulling it off on such short notice. Kudos to Vance Anderson for his persistence in getting it off the ground and his continued dedication to the end. For those of you that missed the 45th, I hope you will be able to attend the 50th. Please continue to use this website to update your address so we will have less classmates on the missing list. Joanie (Moutsatson) and Tom Billingsley
 Joan Billingsley - 10/5/2007

155.  To those who took pictures, please email me copies if possible. My camera died just prior to the party. Thanks. KKM
 Kathy (Kobel) Mosher - 10/3/2007

154.  What a wonderful evening we had at the 45th reunion. It was so good to talk to many that we have missed at previous reunions. Vance and the committee did a great job in such a short time of planning. It was a beautiful location with a motel next door for those who shouldn't drive. We vote to have the 50th there unless we can all make it to (Maui). Love to all. Kathy & Bob
 Kathy & Bob Mosher - 10/3/2007

153.  Hi Classmates. All of us that attended the 45th , appeared to have a great time. The location, facility, food, music and those that served us, were “A-Number-One.” We had 61 classmates that attended on Saturday night, with a total of 101 attending. Approximately 40 attended the “Mixer” on Friday night. Bill Gibson served as “Master of Ceremonies” on Saturday. He did a masterful job. The program was short and light, leaving much time for fun and conversation. It’s amazing, how much our fellow classmates enjoy one another’s company. Based on the response from everyone that attended this reunion—the 50th will be a “BLAST!” Attendees: Please express your thoughts on this web site!!! Please check out the “Departed List.” You will realize that we all need to get together at the 50th. The list will not get any shorter…….Billy Brown served some really tasty brownies on Saturday night. Maybe he can furnish dessert at our 50th. Warm regards to all.
 Vance Anderson - 10/2/2007

152.  Hi, everybody, it truly is a pity that I was not able to attend that great reunion. I was thinking of you while flying back home from Montral exactly that special day. But there was just no more time left for me to head on to Michigan, so sorry... I shall be looking forward to all your reports and hopefully many pictures. And, I really like the idea of Maui for the big reunion in five years to come, :-)) Many regards and good wishes to all of you who read this message. Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 10/2/2007

151.  Lauretta Jo: Delighted to hear that a good time was had. Please send pictures to me, electronic or printed (I can scan if necessary), and I'll post them to our Pictures link. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 10/1/2007 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

150.  Well, that was dumb (the previously submitted quirp)! It is Monday, October 1st and my Daughter and I are back in South Florida safe and sound. I would like to thank the folks that put this 45th reunion together . . . it was FANTASTIC! It was wonderful seeing all of you and I am looking forward to the 50th. Where do we send pictures? I hope all of you that had cameras will share. Thanks again to the Planning Committee - you did a GREAT job!
 Joei (Titus) Gillender - 10/1/2007

149.  Hello Classmates: I hope everyone had a great time last night at our 45th, and that we'll hear about it on this message board from many of you. In addition, if some of you haven't browsed our Personal Pages (under "Register") recently, you may not know that we now have 40 classmates registered. Our most recent additions are: Harold Haag, Joan Moutsatson, Ruth Woodlawn, Kathy Kobel, and just this weekend - Dee Upton and Barbara Pnacek. Thanks for joining folks! This Register link is a great way to catch up on what your classmates have been doing the last 45 years, and gives you the contact info to be able to email or call some friends with whom you've lost touch. Is it time to "reach out and touch someone" that you haven't talked to in many years?!? Try it. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/30/2007

148.  Hello all, By the time the reunion announcement caught up to me, from >New York back to Michigan where I spend most of the summers; it was the >third week of August and I was on my way back to Binghamton to begin >the fall term. And with the academic calender being what it is, and my >offering to present an overload of courses this fall, these days are busy. >So unless someone is passing over in their Gulfstream, it seems too >much for a quick weekend. I will be thinking of you all, and wondering >about the good times you are having. Also, there is a web site that >presents my work, that is in a state of revision but is up, and may be of interest to >some of you. bingweb.binghamton.edu/~jstark It's Jim once east of >Port Huron. > >My best to you all, and I do check my E-mail a couple of times a week. >It would be great to be with >you. jstark@binghamton.edu > Rusty
 Rusty (Jim) Stark - 9/30/2007

147.  MHS 1962 Classmates: On the Classlist link, we have a "Classmate Info" link which is now set up as follows: If you have listed an email address, that is all that is given to someone that clicks on your name, requesting contact info. However, if you have no email address, we will provide your land based address and phone number. This is because we have no alternative to provide your contact info to our classmates, and presume, since you've listed your address, that it is OK to provide it. Now, we know that people love their privacay, but need to set this switch to either "no" - do not provide address if an email is available; or "yes" - provide all full contact info that we have - email plus address info if available. Now, we can either leave this feature as it is, or expand it to provide all contact info, which some folks have asked for. Let me know your level of comfort in having your full contact info provided, or if you would prefer that email is sufficient. We can effecuate a change in the program relatively quickly, if we decide to change it at all. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/29/2007

146.  Hello Classmates: I am SO very sorry I had to cancel my attending our 45th at the last minute - as noted below, I was in Maui (on business, never put one toe in the Pacific), and just got home following a grueling red-eye flight back to Boston. I hope all of you that are able to attend have a truely wonderful time. I also must apologize that I had not found the time to make the corrections, changes and additions to a number of our lists, and I know that either mis-spellings or omissions from the "only in our memory" list is inexcusable, and the cause for some pain to friends and loved ones. In an attempt to make up for that oversight, and since I couldn't be in Midland partying with the rest of you, today I tended to and updated the "in our memory" list - while you are all (hopefully) having a great time. And again - please send photos of the festivities so that those who didn't (or couldn't) attend can enjoy it, despite our absence. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/28/2007 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

145.  Just wanted to indicate that Carl Coffin's name is not on the deceased list. I was hard to read the number of people I knew that are on the lis. See you tonight. Ruth
 Ruth Coffin - 9/28/2007

144.  Steve, I am so very sorry you won't be at the reunion! But Maui doesn't sound bad either. Let's have our 50th in Hawaii! Barb
 Barbara Clack Ghoshal - 9/24/2007

143.  Hello MHS 1962 Classmates: Despite my enthusiastic hyping of our forthcoming 45th this coming weekend, I am going to have to cancel my own plans to attend - with much regret. Business travel has me heading to Maui this week for a last-minute meeting that I cannot avoid, and I won't be able to double back via Boston to attend this weekend in Midland. I still hope we have a great attendance, and am sure everyone will have a great time. Please take a lot of pictures to forward to me, and I'll post them on the website for the other classmates who are not/were not able to attend. Have a great time, and sorry for this last minute change of plans!! Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/24/2007

142.  Correction: Joanna Syckle Kernstock will be attending the 45th MHS Reunion. Sorry for the omission.
 Vance Anderson - 9/16/2007

141.  UPDATE! In addition to those listed below, the following classmates will also be attending our 45th MHS Class Reunion on September 29, 2007: Darlene Coty Smith, Dale Jueckstock, Nancy Morse Wigton, Barbara Pnacek Rice, Dennis Pressnell, Mike Stein, Joanna Syckle, Bonnie Upham Cole, John Vanarsdale, Ruth Woodland Anderson and Carol Yoder Maxwell. Please call one of the planning committee members if you will be able to attend and have not signed up yet. The more the merrier.
 Vance Anderson - 9/16/2007

140.  Dee: We'd love for you to update your Personal Page as well! I will send you your access info via a private email. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/10/2007

139.  I would love to update my page but have no idea my username and password. We have moved and I misplaced a lot of that info.
 Dee McCOllum - 9/10/2007

138.  You have me listed as Jane Streeter Schultz in the list of those attending the reunion. There was a Jane Streeter in our class, but back then I was Jane Schultz. I am the one who plans to attend, although I hope she comes too.
 Jane Schultz Streeter - 9/9/2007

137.  Here are additional classmates who plan to attend the 45th: Jacqueline Winters Lamont, Barb Clack Ghoshal, Willard Hunter, Doug Bottomley, Bob Mosher, Kathy Kobel Mosher, Kathy Ittner Maynard, Ralph Doughty, Tom Nowak, Karen Gusler, Susan Yates Beale, Chuck Tabb, Bob Herren, Richard Hintz, Dorthy Francis Furst, Ruth Alexander Campbell. It's not to late to sign-up. The Reunion Planning Committee will meet September 10 to update our plans for the event, as well as establishing a program for making follow-up phone calls to classmates that we have phone numbers for, but have not made contact with anyone on the committee.
 Vance Anderson - 9/6/2007

136.  Classmates: Although it's great to see the list below, we have a lot more classmates which we saw at our 40th, not on the "attending" list below. Please, if each of you will reach out to someone not listed as attending -via email, phone, etc., and let them know our 45th is planned for Sept. 29th, and that we want them there! I've been looking at the photos of our 40th, and am seeing a lot of classmates that don't appear to be planning to attend our 45th. Everybody needs to get busy to drum up additional attendees. Please, do it now!! Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/3/2007 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

135.  The 45th MHS Class Reunion is less than a month away. To date, the following Classmates have registered, with many others indicating interest, but havent yet submitted their registration and/or check to Harold: Larry Adamcik, Vance Anderson, Mike Bailey, Paul Barnum, Donna Beebe Witkop, Tom Billingsley, Pat Bolan Freeman, Terry Brown, Rita Eastman Tyrrell, Carl Edmunds, Bill Gibson, Robert Griffin, Harold Haag, Nancy Harris Krasinski, Ruth Kropscott Coffin, Ed Kuchek, Margo Manges Hardy, Linda Miller, Joan Moutsatson Billingley, David Ode, Susan Osborne Davis, Jeremy Parsons, Stephen Pletcher, Maryann Sheets Andrick, Stephen Smith, Robert Smith, Michael Snyder, Jim St Onge, Tom Swanson Lauretta (Jo) Titus Gillender, Barry Schupbach, Jane Streeter Schultz, Barb Thiel Schambers, Mary Wegner Haag, Julie Wolverton Feldt. In addition to those listed, many are also bringing a "Significant Other." Please send a check to Harold if you plan to attend. I will update additional names on this website, on a regular basis of additionl attendees, as we receive them. Hope to see you there.
 Vance Anderson - 9/3/2007

134.  Classmates: We're up to 36 of our fellow grads now with personal pages on the Register link. Our numbers are growing as our 45th approaches! Take a look, update your last entry, or create your own personal page - it takes just a minute, and your classmates will love to hear what you've been "up" to. Try it! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 8/31/2007

133.  Barb: No need to start from scratch. I'll look up your info and send you a separate email. Hope to see you in Midland at the end of the month. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 8/30/2007

132.  Hi, Steve. I tried to update my information, but couldn't remember my password from 5 years ago. Do you still have that information, or should I start from scratch? Barb
 Barbara Clack Ghoshal - 8/29/2007

131.  Contact info for Mary Joan Dawson 2702 Holcomb Dr Urbana Il
 Roger Vance - 8/25/2007

130.  Doris and I moved from eastern Pennsylvania to central Florida a few weeks ago and the 45th reunion announcment was forwarded to us. It's hard to believe it's been five years already. At this moment it's highly unlikely we will be able to attend, but have fun and please note our new address which is 7240 SE172nd Hazelwood Loop, The Villages, FL 32162. Our new home phone is 352-751-1371. Everyone be well.
 Carl Branson - 8/14/2007

129.  Haven't been on this message board for several weeks. Gratified that action is being taken to have 45th reunion on September 29. I'm having lunch with Willard Hunter on Tuesday, August 7, and will be sure to discuss with him how we can get our butts to Midland for the festivities. Latest culinary news: I attended a training session last Wednesday to qualify to utilize a certified kitchen to bake my cookies/brownies/blondies as well as prepare catering dishes in order to take my culinary business to the next level. Watch our ... before long I'll be the next Famous Amos! Along those same lines, next April and May my sweetheart and I, along with a group of six others, plan to rent a villa in Tuscany for two weeks. So, I am cooking my way through the cookbook "Savoring Tuscany." Recent dishes I've prepared this last week are "Drunken Pork Chops," "Vegetable Stew" and "Salsicce con Fagioli all'elletto" (fresh pork sauges with cannellini beans in herbed tomato sauce) ... YUMMMMY! (I used Italian style turkey sausage.) I am having a grand time with my cooking. This morning I made two different frittatas for a writers' breakfast, and tomorrow I am catering some lavender brownies, cinnamon brownies, and my famous artichoke dip with chips at an art opening. Perhaps I'll have a chance to prepare something for y'all on September 29! Love, pow erful poetry, and great eating! Billy Brown
 Billy Brown - 8/5/2007

128.  As indicated in message #126 below, the MHS 1962 45th Class Reunion has been set. If you are planning to attend, please make your check out to "MHS 1962 Class Reunion" and send to Harold Haag. A DJ has been hired and we're filling his head with great song ideas for our reunion. Invitations are now being sent out to 420 Classmates via the US Post Office. The invitations include phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the Reunion Planning Committee. Please contact any of us if you have a question. Follow-up emails will be sent to most, if not all who have furnished e-mail addresses on Steve's website. Today, I sent messages to eight of our classmates that previously had been on Steve's "Missing Classmates" list that I identified through "Classmates.com." Hopefully, some of them will be able to attend our reunion, or at least let us know where they live and what they are doing with their lives. Please look at the "Missing Classmates" list and let us know if you have information on anyone on the list. We will continue utilizing the internet to locate as many missing classmates as possible. Please make an effort to attend our 45th reunion. We are not getting any younger...
 Vance Anderson - 8/2/2007

127.  Hello Classmates: I know we all appreciate Vance taking the lead on getting space reserved for us to hold our fabulous 45th - the weekend of Sept. 28/29. I hope each of you is getting your check to Harold, as Vance requests below. Please also take the initiative to reach out to your "less tecnologically inclined" classmates that may not be visiting this site regularly, and let them know of the planned date. It would be great to hear from each of you about your plans to attend (or if you can't) on this message board. To start things off - "I'll be there" -barring unforseen calamities, etc. Everybody - please let us know your plans. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 7/27/2007 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

126.  The 45th MHS Class Reunion Committee would like to announce their plans for a class reunion. A dinner is planned September 29, 2007 at the Valley Plaza Resort and Convention Center in Midland. A social period is scheduled at 5:30 PM and dinner at 7:00 PM. We are working to hire a D.J. to provide music at dinner and then dancing after dinner and a very short program. The cost is $37 per person (cash bar) and the attire will be informal--no ties. Checks should be sent to Harold Haag 4602 Roanoke Ct. Midland, MI 48640. A "casual mixer" will be held at 7:00 PM the evening before (September 28) at Frick's Bar in Midland. The planning committee wants fellow classmates to have as much time to socialize with each other. Either an e-mail or a conventional mailing will be made to as many classmates as possible, within the next few weeks. More later.
 Vance Anderson - 7/19/2007

125.  Just wanted to let everyone know our email and mailing address have both changed since our 40th reunion. Hope to see you all at the 45th. Bob was sick at the 40th so we didn't make it to very many tables to visit. Kathy & Bob
 Bob & Kathy (Kobel) Mosher - 7/17/2007

124.  Just a quick note to say Hi. I appreciate all your kind thoughts for me and Carl. I am still on the journey to determine what my new life will be. I will leave FL, but when is not sure. I have retired and my new project is teaching a science lab for a 4th grade. I like working for no pay - less responsibility. Planning to go to Midland in September. Hope to see you there. Ruth
 Ruth Kropscott Coffin - 7/13/2007

123.  I "just" went into this website from a message I received from Vance. (I have been sitting at the computer for "HOURS" going through it!) Anyway, I noticed that there was no mention of John (Johnny) Pomranky in the "MIA" or "DEPARTED." John died of cancer - I "think" in the latter part of 2005. (It was the same year my younger sister was killed in their private aircraft so I'm a bit "hazy" with details.) John was one of my "many" neighbor "boys" so when he died my older sister (Carlene Cook Spitnale) told me about his death. By the way, if any of you know/knew Carlene (Carly), she still lives in Midland. By the way, Great site! It's now booked in "favorites" in my computer!
 Cheryl (Cook) Pribus - 7/13/2007

122.  Vance: Thanks for giving us all an update on how the planning for our 45th is coming along. We'll look forward to an update once the planning committee has met. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 7/12/2007 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

121.  As a follow-up to my message below (#111). Here's where we are: A planning committee has been assembled and our first meeting will be July 16th. Our first goal will be to determine what format the reunion should take, ie., formal dinner vs informal or both, as we had for the 40th. Members of the committee are: Joan Moutsatson Billingsley, Bill Gibson, Mike Bailey, Donna Beebe Witkop, Sue Osborne Davis, Harold Haag and myself. Others have been invited and chosen not to participate and others haven't returned my calls. We are willing and anxious to add other interested classmates to the committee. The date of the reunion remains September 29, 2007. We will post shortly after next week's meeting. Steve Pletcher will also assist in keeping his site up to date and pass along any suggestions he has or that have been passed along to him. Stay tuned.
 Vance Anderson - 7/9/2007

120.  Hello Classmates: If we want to have a 45th reunion this year (and yes this is the correct year in which to have a 45th!), we need to assemble a small, but ready and willing group of volunteers to become the "committee" to make a successful event happen. Vance Anderson has taken the first step (see his message several below this message). Willard Hunter has offerred to set up a contact database to reach out to folks, but we need more concrete plans to communicate. I can use this website to provide info as well. SO - - PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP, and also indicate whether you will attend an event on Sept. 29th - as tentatively planned. Please note that for our 40th, we had created a reunion brochure and emailed and mailed it to everyone we could reach, so this year's effort needs a "shot in the arm" in order to be successful. Please respond, and let us know who we can count on. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 7/8/2007 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

119.  Bill: Thanks for all your thoughts - and poetry as well! I felt bad for the poor lame duck! You should now have your passwords, plus I deleted your old account. I'm sure your classmates will, as did I, appreciate your thoughts on your Personal Page (under Register). We need to put some effort behind something happening by the end of September, or it won't happen. I think this Message Board can be of assistance, but it will probably need more effort in contacting classmates to gain level of interest. I am sending the contact list to Willard, who has offerred to follow up via email. Anything you can do to assist would be appreciated. Classmates - we need to hear your level of interest in attending an event on Sept 20th - see Vance Anderson's email several below this one. Let's go MHS - 62! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 7/8/2007

118.  Gee, I sure do hope that y'all aren't thinkin' that ole Charlie Brown is trying to DOMINATE this here message bored er nothin' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's just that I sent our an earlier post containing one of my recent poems, "gimpy," about a canada goose, and it did NOT appear here, so hear, hear! ... here it is again ... Love, and powerful poetry, Billy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gimpy, by Billy Brown // splash SPLASH /splash SPLASH /splash SPLASH /gimpy Canada goose /favors left foot /lifts and extends it /awkwardly /resting on right foot /splash SPLASH /splash SPLASH /dipping for algae //fallen behind /gaggle a hundred yards ahead /on eastern sand bank //he heads for river center /away from gaggle /struggling to turn north /churning one foot /trailing the other behind /reaches west side //gaggle calls to him /to no avail /a few cross noisily /toward him /loyal companions /accompany him /patient while he heals //his mate joins him /persuades him to follow her /back to the gaggle /splash SPLASH /splash SPLASH /splash SPLASH
 Billy Brown - 7/1/2007

117.  Here's one of the messages I THOUGHT I posted earlier ... wonder what happened? anyone else having this problem? maybe there's some secret formula to avoiding losing all of one's typing ... maybe it is "keep it short, stupid" (KISS), or "keep it stupid, sismpleton," or "kan't idiut spel, succor?" anyway, here is the longer stuff ... AGAIN (fingers crossed). Billy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Steve and classmates, Recently I've posted a few messages on the message board, including one a short time ago. How long does it take for a posted message to actually show up on the board? (I though it might be relatively immediately, but so far my recent message does not appear, which has me thinking that maybe my posting did not "take.") I am excited about the possibility of joining you and our classmates in late September! Perhaps Willard Hunter and I will travel together. I want to express my appreciation for everything you have done to support this web site as well as the last reunion. I know that there have been frustrations with how little the site is used at times, but I am sure that utilization will pick up as we approach our 45th reunion! So, thanks fromn all of us for sticking with it and providing such a great communication link. I know that much, much more communication has occured outside of the site, as individuals (like you and me) have re-connected after so many years. I have a couple of requests ... I cannot seem to access my information pages -- the one I created in May (probably forgot the password), and even the one I created a few hours ago out of frustration at not being able to access the earlier one. Has my memory gone so bad that I cannot even remember the password I created TODAY? So, if you don't mind Steve, please send me the two passwords for those two info pages, and while you are at it, if it is possible, please delete my older info page, so that my current one will be the only one showing up on the class list! THANKS, Steve. Hope all is well with you and yours. We almost made it to Boston in early June. I had my Carnegie Hall debut on May 27, when I sang with the Albuquerque Civic Chorus in a program which included music by Leonard Bernstein, Handel, Mozart, Randall Thompson! After 5 days in Brooklyn and Manhattan, my sweetheart Sandi and I drove a rental car up the Connecticut coast and stayed three nights in a bed and breakfast just 10 minutes walk from the beach! It was warm, sunny, and almost no other people ... beautiful! We also drove to Newport Rhode Island for a great dinner ... neither of us had ever been in Rhode Island. In fact, Sandi had never been in New York or Connecticutt before this trip ... she was born (or delivered via flying saucer) and lived on a farm in Roswell, NM before college at UT Austin, so she was very curious about the BIG CITY. Anyhow, I wanted her to also see Massachussetts (Boston), Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont on this trip, but we decided that staying in Connecticut was far more attractive. We took the car ferry across Long Island sound from New London to Long Island just before departing from Islip for our trip home. That car ferry was COOL! Another of my lifetime highlights was taking the car ferry across Lake Michigan, from Ludington to Wisconsin in 1991 ... Any of the rest of you ever do that? Thanks again, Steve! ! would love to hear from you and anyone else out there in MHS'62 land who remembers things like Co-opping at Dow Corning or beer parties in the Midland Municipal forest! Love and great memories! Billy Brown
 Billy Brown - 7/1/2007

116.  Guess so ... THAT message got through in less than 30 seconds! I posted two other longer messages earlier today, but I do not see them yet ... guess they failed. I'll try to reconstruct one of them, but "no way" with the other.
 Billy Brown - 7/1/2007

115.  Classmates: Vance - thanks for taking the initiative on setting up a space for Sept 29th! Why haven't our former organizers done anything for our 45th? When I have a second, I'll update the general page, and add some specific info on the schedule for our 45th. I'll also send a general email to the entire list for whom we have emails. Can you give me any more specifics about the location you have booked, how many they can accomodate, etc. Thanks again for your efforts. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 6/30/2007

 Sally (Warren) Staszak - 6/29/2007

113.  I am so sorry that I can't attend, since we have just moved to Florida the distance, time and money are just not there right now. Had we still been in Ohio, I would have driven!! Dee
 Dee McCollum (Maurer) - 6/29/2007

112.  Wish I could come to the reunion! After 12 years as director of the American International School of Freetown in Sierra Leone (click on DOAS at http://www.ces-msa.org) I will be still on the job helping with transition issues. Best wishes to everybody.
 Jacqueline Jones Leigh - 6/29/2007

111.  After reading the last e-mail posted on the 1962 site, I decided to take some action. I contacted Carol Chase Leigeb and Russ Pressnell and both indicated no action had been taken place for planning a 45th reunion (both were active planners in the past). I have taken the liberty of booking The Valley Plaza for the evening of September 29. Before I sign a formal contract, it would helpful to find out the level of interest. Anyone reading my message is urged to let me know whether they will plan to attend (whether it's yes or no). And of course, we will need some local volunteers to help plan the details, etc. The information listed on the registration page of this site is still accurate. Please feel free to call me with any advice or comment. Getting a facility at this late date for a summer event is tough. On the other hand, we will need the extra time to get the word out
 Vance Anderson - 6/28/2007

110.  Jim: I'm glad you found our MHS website, and love your idea of everybody trying to recruit another classmate (or several) to get involved, register on the Register page, and help us get going on planning our 45!! I'm afraid that unless we can get a planning committee started, we'll miss the window for this year, since it takes some time to reach out to everybody. For our 40th, we were much further advanced than we seem to be this year. Can someone volunteer to take the lead on this? I'm happy to support via this website, but we need a leader - not necessarily in Midland, to get some target dates together. Any suggestions? SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 6/24/2007

109.  Glad I found the site, got a couple nice notes from Jerry Parson and Willard Hunter. Like the idea of a registry. I would proably win with youngest child (8), tie for most times married 2 & win hands down for least hair. As I recall I didnt have much in high school. Another idea, how about recruiting campaign for the site. Each person recruit at least one person to sign up.
 Jim Stoppert - 6/14/2007

108.  Hi Willard Hunter and Bill Brown, Glad you two guys are doing your part trying to help in your own ways fight our war with Iraq, Afghanistan (the Middle East?). Should we be involved with this at all? Hope to see you at some point this year in Midland or wherever we can center and celebrate. Love to you both, Beth (Burman) Potter
 Beth Potter - 6/9/2007

107.  Great idea; For a start Marriage: 1 years: 42 youngest kid: 10
 Dee Maurer McCollum - 6/8/2007

106.  Hi Classmates - I think we should have an MHS62 Olympics on family travia - oldest kids, youngest kids (anyone have a child younger than 8?); most kids; probably not much point of least kids!; how about most times married!?, longest time married would be fun; most places lived in; I wonder who lives furthest away from Midland right now? I'd also love to see who is still working, versus who's now retired, and living and easy life. We could even set up a Records Page to track this stuff! Any suggestions on addition questions for our record book? How about some responses to the question above? Let me know. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 5/27/2007 - http://midland1962reunion.com

105.  Hi! I have a 13 year old son, and we just bought a floating home in Sausalito, California as a 2nd home. It's a fun adventure! - Don
 Don Wheaton - 5/26/2007

104.  Forgot. I always thought I had the youngest children in the class. My daughter was a couple months old at our 20th reunion in '82, etc. My son is 10 years old. I now learn that Jim Stoppert has an 8 year old son, so he has the record, as far as I know. Anyone have a child younger than 8?
 Willard Hunter - 5/26/2007

103.  I'm talking with Steve Pletcher about increasing the visibility of the website. I plan to send out emails to classmates to alert us to postings on the message board. Jim Stoppert - GREAT to hear from you. You have stories to tell us about biodegradable plastics!
 Willard Hunter - 5/26/2007

102.  Not sure how I stumbled on to this web site, but what a great idea. I so often think about whatever happened to---.I loved seeing the pictures from the last reunion which I missed. I cant believe that I am the only one that hasnt changed a bit. I am living in the panhandle of Florida where my 8yr old son is (yes I said son and no I'm not nuts). I would really like to have a reunion this year and promise to come as well as to recruit a few others
 Jim Stoppert - 5/23/2007

101.  I recently heard that one of my favorite people in our class, Doug Harlow, died on March 29, 2007. Doug and Carl Coffin were both in my 8th grade speech (dramatics) class, and they introduced me to Mad Magazine, which we would pour over in the auditorium, bored silly with our drama class. I feel such a loss, losing them both in so short a time, and wish I could thank them for taking me to the school and country club dances in eighth grade. It was a pleasure to know two such funny, clever guys. I hope you reunite together. I'll never forget you, Beth
 Elizabeth Burman Potter - 5/22/2007

100.  Hi Everybody! Today, (5/19/07)there was a 50th anniversary open house at MHS; so living in Midland, I decided to go. It's the first time I'd walked the halls since 1962. I had a flashback of us lined up in our caps and gowns ready to head outside to get our diplomas. A lot of other memories also came rushing out of my brain. I know it's been 45 years, but being back at MHS was like stepping back in time for me. I was 17 again, but surrounded by a lot of old people walking the halls! Best wishes to all of you! Bill Gibson
 Bill Gibson - 5/19/2007

99.  Perhaps Bill(y) Brown and I can get to the next reunion together. We live about 5 miles apart in Albuquerque, NM! I continue to be involved in the Peace & Justice community - anit-war, anti-nuclear weapons, etc. Important, but frustrating life's work.
 WillardHunter - 5/4/2007

98.  Well, might as well give you a bit of a picture of what I've been up to recently ... I had THREE poems published during the month of April, which is National Poetry Month! Here is one of them (I do not think that this message board format will do justice to the stanza structure I created in Word, so I better indicate each line break with a "/" and each stanza break with a "//" ... here goes ... hope you enjoy! Billy Brown .... "fear" by billy brown // if a bear attacked us / would I / punch her hard in the nose? / welcome her gift of bloody death? / offer her a piece of string cheese? // if my sore left leg gave way / would I / plunge into the rocky river canyon below? / grasp the gift of a tree branch? / allow my leg to break off like a blue skink’s tail and grow a replacement? // if my heart exploded / would I / clutch my chest and die instantly? / write a broken-hearted poem, crying healing tears? / remove my heart and offer it to my lover? // if this were the first day of the rest of my life / would I / let fear stop me in my tracks? / be grateful for my infinite past and future? / get naked and plunge into the roaring freezing stream?
 Billy Brown - 5/2/2007

97.  DRATS!!! I just spent half an hour typing furiously lots of information into most of the available fields of the profile input form and THEN ... and THEN ... and THEN ... POOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF!!! Somehow I hit the stupid button, and all my inputs disappeared ... :-( So then I re-entered my name, address, phone number, and email address, and am now leaving it at that, as I have lots of other activities calling to me, including a client who will arrive for Calculus tutoring in a few minutes. I promise to re-enter all the wonderful stuff I had typed, plus lots more ... I think my fingers will muscle-remember it all, even if my feeble, almost-63-year-old mind will not. Oh yea ... my 63rd BD will be on May 20, and then two days later my sweetheart and I leave for New York City for some sightseeing (she's never been there) and for my Carnegie Hall Concert on Sunday evening, May 27 ... I am soooooooooooo jazzzzzzzzzzed! It is so good to read all the wonderful messages from my precious classmates ... More later ... Billy Brown (once known as Charlie Brown)
 Billy Brown - 5/2/2007

96.  Fee: I'm sorry to hear that your family plans this year may preclude your joining us for a possible fall reunion - especially since you're already on this side of "the pond". We'll miss you if you can't join us. Best regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 3/27/2007 - http://midland1962reunion.com

95.  Hello, in case your plans to arrange a meeting this fall will materialize, I want to inform you that I am awfully sorry not to be able to attend. Even though our family will be on your side of the Atlantic from the midst of August to the middle of September, I cannot manage to come from Nova Scotia to Michigan this time. We will somewhat belated celebrate the marriage of our daughter there with the Canadian part of the family and once more tour Eastern Canada and maybe the U.S. Please,keep me informed and on the list. Best wishes to all, Fee Busch-Kempkens from Germany
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 3/18/2007

94.  Hello Classmates: Great to see more of you on the website, and expressing interest in our 45th! Dee, thanks for your very-interesting Personal Page update - quite a family you've assembled. I've also gotten Passwords to several of you that had mis-placed yours, and couldn't get to your Personal Page to update them. We need to organize a major effort to locate those classmates that we still have as "missing" on the Class List page, and sadly, also update our "only in our memory" page as well - a list which we know has grown. Please let me know your thoughts on both those tasks. Thanks, Take Care of Yourself, and please stay in touch. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/19/2007 - http://Midland1962Reunion.com

93.  Thank you Stephen, I updated my page, a lot has happened in the past 5 years!!
 Dee (Maurer) McCollum - 2/19/2007

92.  HEY MHS Classmates! Why have only 21 of you registered with a Personal Page? (and that's with Vandenberg doing 2). I thought that feature would be a big hit, and wish that each of you would complete one, or update it from when you last filled one out. Let me know if you need any help! SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/15/2007

91.  Classmates: I'm pleased to see more postings coming onto the website and appreciate Beth's thoughts on both gaining more particulars on our "only in our memory" classmates, and also the suggestion about a committee to help contact and encourage more attendees. For anyone that filled out a Personal Informaton page, now see's it out of date, but can't remember how to access it, let me know and I can access your password and send it to you (for a small fee!). What are everyone's thoughts on a September date for our 45th? Comments? Take care, and stay in touch. SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 2/15/2007

90.  I would like to update my profile with new info and emil but cannot seem to do it! Any classmates in Jacksonville Florida? We are heading there to relocate this year. Dee Maurer McCollum
 Dee Maurer - 2/13/2007

89.  After too many years, I'm trying to regain contact. My older sister (Helen) puts me to shame with how she's kept in touch with her class -- she mentioned to me that one of her classmates (Howard Mudd) was coaching Indianapolis for the Colts this year -- what a treat! I've located Judy McNamara Martin and write a bit to her. I tried to find Sue Mayhew in CA but haven't gotten a response. I moved to Winston-Salem, NC about 5 months ago -- in time to see my newest grandbaby arrive. She makes nine! It's been a long 40 years for me, but I'd love to reconnect. Still haven't figured out how I can get to Midland for a reunion this year; I'll be working on it! Thanks, Steve, for updating the site -- and for sending back an e-mail. You've given me hope for more contacts! Hope to see notes, and, yes, PLEASE more word on how we lost the classmates who have passed on. Paula (Serdynsky) Barnum aka GrandmaPD
 Paula (Serdynsky) Barnum - 2/13/2007

88.  Just a second thought. perhaps there is a way that we can reach out to our friends who have not attended reunions in the past and convince them to come. If there is a committee who can put a list of addresses together for those missing in past years, this would be a help. Several people have been close to coming and then can't come at the last minute. i would also like to see explanations as to what has happened to our already departed classmates. It is so shocking to see their names on a list with no explanation. Maybe this information could be incorporated into our programs. Love to all, Beth
 Anonymous - 2/4/2007

87.  Hi Everyone! It seems to me that it is time to plan our 45th Reunion. This is so important! And they are so much fun! I really don't want to skip our 45th and then have to move on to our 50th! My suggestions for weekend dates are September 7th through 9th and August 10th through 12th. It seems to me that June can be a bad month with all the kids graduating from high schools and colleges. But, believe me, I am up for a reunion period, so let's get this show on the road. Some of us are working full time still, so I am hoping that some of our retirees will step forward and help. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. I had a fabulous time at our 40th! and hope we can all get together again. Maybe, Steve will rent the hotel again for all of us in downtown Midland once we get the dates established. Love to all of you, Beth Burman Potter
 Beth Burman Potter - 2/4/2007

86.  I would like to update my page but, it was so long ago that I do not remember my username or password! Age is creeping up on me! We will be moving to the Jacksonville Florida area this year, anyone there? Dee
 Dee McCollum - 1/30/2007

85.  I was deeply saddened to read about Marty Witkop's death. I talked to Donna today and she would like to get in touch with Stan Menery, their close friend. If anyone knows, please send me an Email. We were in their wedding Thanks, Karen Gusler
 Karen Gusler - 12/18/2006

84.  Recently, I sent a note to Steve Pletcher, who suggested the information in my note be posted on this board. Classmates Carl Coffin died at his home in Florida in May of 2005 and Marty Witkop was killed in a plane crash November 15, 2006 at Wixom Lake. Carl was married to Ruth Kropscott and Marty to Donna Beebe. Both from our class. Both were great guys.
 Vance Anderson - 12/18/2006

83.  Hello, Steve and all you others, thanks a lot to Steve for taking on again the task of keeping our website alive. It must have been fate that guided me to look into our site just today! Hope that all of you are doing well. From my side there is the news that I became grandma for the first time at the end of August. Little Arun Caspar is half German half Canadian and currently living over here. In September I met Ann Quirin, the other German exchange-student of our class, in Berlin and we had a great time exchanging views and memories of then... Hope to see you soon and all the best Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 11/19/2006

82.  Hello Gang: I'm embarrassed to even show my face on this website! Although I've kept the subscription open, it's been so long since I've updated anything, I'm not sure I remember how. It's nice to see some chatter regarding a 45th, and that should inspire me to get everything up to date and current again. I need to correct the old email address shown below. My correct email address is still spletcher@comcast.net, and I'll work this weekend about some of the requested changes and updates. thanks for the notes from each of you. Take care, and please stay in touch. Regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 11/14/2006 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

81.  Another missing has been found! I am planning to attend the next reunion in 2007 and hope to see a few old friends. I have to look at the yearbook occasionally to remember faces. I haven't lived in Midland since 1970 and rarely visit and look forward to next summer.
 Karen Gusler - 9/21/2006

80.  We would also like to have a 45th reunion. Keep us posted. Our mailing address and email have both changed since the last reunion.
 Bob & Kathy (Kobel) Mosher - 9/20/2006

79.  I'd like a 45th reunion too, and would be happy to help. It would be lovely to see you all again!
 Barbara Ghoshal - 9/18/2006

78.  Any Info/Interest in 45thg reunion for 2007? I tried Steve Pletcher's e-mail...must have changed. I would be glad to help
 Bob Smith - 7/21/2006

77.  I recently emailed with Jackie Jones Leigh. She was in Midland, but has returned to Freetown, Sierra Leone. She's doing fine, but I worry about her. Bill Brown is out here in Albuquerque. We have lunch occasionally and talk. It's great to have him here. Bob Smith was here this past summer. He was visiting his sister in Santa Fe, and we had dinner together one night.
 Willard Hunter - 1/16/2006

76.  I'm for a 45th...getting a little long in the tooth, you know. Willard, knock it off.
 Jim Vandenberg - 12/30/2005

75.  Hello from Germany! Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all of you. I hope this finds all of my friends in good health and spirit. Maybe we get a chance to see each other in not so far a future again. Best wishes across the ocean, Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/23/2005

74.  It is great to hear from Dee and Jackie. I'm sorry I missed our 40th, but don't plan to miss the next reunion. Steve, thanks for maintaining this website. I'm active in our local Veterans for Peace organization. We screwed up in Vietnam, and we didn't learn from that mistake. Bush and his neo-cons got us into another BAD war. Same thing will happen in this war - we'll leave after declaring Victory....
 Willard Hunter - 10/18/2005

73.  I'm so glad to see this page is still operating and it's great to read messages from everyone although some make my heart jump. I hope I'll make the next reunion. A special hi to Barb Ghoshal, Marcia Austin, and Willard Hunter. Thanks, Steve.
 Jackie Jones Leigh - 9/15/2005

72.  Steve thank you for this forum. I find myself at this advanced age...thinking more about wanting to connect with "old" friends. We are busy with our 8 yr old so our life takes a bit of a different direction than many. I go to an overnite campout, hay rides, horseback riding, such this next weekend with all the girls and moms from her school. My grown children doing well, one in Cincinnati area, another here in the Columbus area(go Bucks!!) and one recently moved to Ponte Vedra Florida. That was hard after them living here for so long. Dee
 Dee McCollum - 9/3/2005

71.  Hello Classmates: I know it's been a long time since I've updated this website, and apologize for it being so out of date. I'll update it soon. In the meantime, please stay in touch and let us know how your doing, and with whom you have been staying in touch. Let's start thinking about our 45th!! SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 8/19/2005 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

70.  Just dropping by, my daughter just celebrated her 20 year HS reunion and it got me thinking. We could not come to the 40 as we had a newly adopted daughter and she was not ready to be parted from mom at the time. Are there any plans on another get together? Dee
 Dee (Maurer) McCollum - 7/16/2005

69.  Steve, does anyone know how to get ahold of you, or are you just bowing out quitely. One of my sisters recently sent me Carl Coffin's obituary. If you have Carl and Ruth Kropscott's address I would like to contact them. Thanks, hope this gets through, Beth
 Elizabeth Burman Potter - 6/25/2005

68.  Hi, Steve and all you others, please,do not forget to invite me if you are planning on a reunion quite soon! To me it seems reasonable to shorten the interval between two reunions because of the fact of "increasing age". I always like to have a reason to return to my second home-country... Love, Fee (the exchange-student)
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 3/30/2005

67.  Hello Classmates, and Happy 2005: It's really amazing how the months, and even years keep slipping by, at what seems a dizzying pace! Although our 40th seems to have just happened, now I'm beginning to feel like our 45th (2007??!!??) is just around the corner! For those of you still checking this website, please let us know what you're thinking about a 45th reunion. As many of us near our "golden" years (yes, true), we can be assured our numbers will be thinning. let me know of any additions to our "dear departed" list, and I will keep it updated. Please stay in touch with your classmates, and let me know your thoughts on our 45th. Best regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 2/4/2005 - http://midland1962reunion.com

 st - 2/4/2005

65.  Dear former class-mates wherever you may be, From Germany I send my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you. May 2005 be kind to all of us. Hope to see you again some time in the future, Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/22/2004

64.  Hello Classmates: Sorry that I've not been paying enough attention to this website! My work has been hectic, with way too much travel. However, I promise I'll address all of your corrections and suggestions as soon as I can. thanks for your feedback, and please continue to let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Please stay in touch!! Best regards, SDP
 Stephen D. Pletcher - 11/8/2004 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

63.  Hi, somehow I am under bethcounty@taconic.net instead of bethcountry@taconic.net, consequently no one can reach me. Can we get this switched around? Thanks so much, Beth Burman Potter
 Elizabeth Burman Potter - 10/31/2004

62.  I forgot to mention that the classes of 1963,64 & 65 just held a combined reunion this past month—early October ‘04,according to local friends, and everyone really enjoyed it. I also think holding the reunion in early to mid-September or early to mid-October is better for most people than early-mid June when children and grandchildren are graduating. Hope to hear from others in the class re one, two or three classes combined, also best time of year. All best wishes, Beth Burman Potter
 Beth Burman Potter - 10/14/2004

61.  See Steve, I told you everyone wants to hold a combined reunion, particularly with the classes of 1962, 1961, and 1960. We could hold it before 2007, perhaps 2006. Hope you are not working too hard. . . All best to you and everyone, Beth
 Beth Burman Potter - 10/13/2004 - http://bethcountry @taconic.net

60.  Hello, class of 62, it has been a long, long time that we were in contact. This is just a short notice that things are going fine, at least now. We had some difficult times with dear people passing and illnesses, too. This comes normal with age progressing... Please do not forget: If anyone of you is coming our way, please contact me! Still today I treasure the memory of a fine reunion. This summer, my American mom was with us and this again brought back lots of memories of my very remarkable exchange-student year with you. Take care, Fee Busch-Kempkens from Germany
 Fee Busch-Kempkens - 10/5/2004

59.  Just a short note to say what a fine job you folks have done with this page! I was running a search for anything on the combined 1963 - 1964 - 1965 reunion held recently, and the distinctive Chemic yearbook logo at the upper left makes it stand out from all the other hundreds of "MHS" entries. Greetings also from good friend Randy Caulkins, for those of you that were in the band picture.
 Denny Fruehauf - Class of '64 - 9/26/2004

58.  Steve, I noticed that Gary Nelson has not been added to the "Only In Our Memory" Class List. Thank you for your help.
 Bob Griffin - 9/16/2004

57.  Greetings Classmates: Thanks to Beth Burman for letting me know earlier this week that our website had gone "off the air". Apparently the name registration had lapsed, and we were down for about a month. It doesn't look like the site is seeing much action (in terms of site hits) recently anyway, but, as I promised at the reunion (can it be over 2 years ago!?!), I plan to continue to keep the site alive, since regardless, and I hope we'll start to see some resurgency in interest as 2007 approaches. I hope you all are doing well. Please stay in touch with your fellow classmates. Best regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 9/16/2004

56.  Hello Classmates: Sorry that I've been ignoring my duties as webmaster for our reunion website. I've been busy, having retired from retirement (which I had never really done), and gone back to being a working stiff! Looking at the site, I realize how quickly the months move past. I'll try to at least update the obsolete items over the next few weeks, and especially any more of our "in our memory" items. Have a great summer!
 Steve Pletcher - 6/26/2004

55.  Gary Nelson should be added to the "Only In Our Memory" Class List.
 Bob Griffin - 4/1/2004

 Sally Warren - 11/27/2003

53.  New email address. Thank you!
 Mark Kressler - 11/20/2003

52.  I forgot my password. Someday I will remember it. Nothing has changed, but we got a little older. My new e-mail address is cliffhyde@wowway.com Bob Hyde
 Anonymous - 11/10/2003

51.  Hello Classmates: I know I should change the welcome page, and many of the other pages as well, and that I haven't updated them since Dec. 2002 - sorry for being so laggardly!! I've been busy with moving from Memphis to Boston, plus the site traffic has declined radically since the reunion occurred. Please consider filling out a personal page on the "register" link - it's a great way of creating a memory book kind of picture of yourself, which your classmates will enjoy. For those (few) of you that have created a page, please update it periodically. Check that dates, ages of children, and status are correct, and update as necessary. I'll try to add a "date updated" section to the personal page section, so that updates are easier to locate when you visit the site. Take care, all of you '62'ers, and please stay in touch with your classmates. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 8/29/2003 - http://midland1962reunion.com

50.  Fee; Thanks so much for your note and kind words, it was great seeing your message. It sounds like your keeping yourself well occupied. Tell me more about "rounding the cape", since I'm a sailer, I'd like to hear how your "rounded". Your should take the time to set up a personal page. Although only a few classmates have chosen to use that feature of this website, I think it's still a great feature. I disappointed it hasn't caught on a bit better. Take care, and thanks for staying in touch. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 8/29/2003 - http://midland1962reunion.com

49.  Dear Steve and class-mates, from time to time it is my pleasure to check the message board. Now it is more than a year that we met. The memories are still very vivid and lots has happened since. Right now some class-mates and I are preparing for our 40th German graduation in 2004. This makes me once more aware of all the work and efforts of our Midland organizing committee. I hope that all of you went well through this terrible black-out? We had a very busy year as a family. Our daughter is a MD now and also got her PhD. At the moment she is on her first post in Torquay, U.K. We did some travelling, too. Last November/December we rounded Cape Hoorn, in May we spent 3 wonderful weeks in our dream spot in Turkey, and I got the oppertunity to visit the Congress of the International Emergency Telephone Services in Ljubljana, Slovenia in July. My voluntary work on the crisis telephone and our hotline on the internet and the connecting things keep me very busy. Since my breast cancer 4 years ago health is an important issue for me,naturally. But I am doing really fine and I am happy. The contact to all those people on the phone and the internet with their numerous and tragic life-stories lets me stay focussed and thankful for what I have. I promise to be a better writer in the future. Steve, thank you once more for all the work you have done. Please, keep this line of communication for us all. Best wishes and greetings from the "Old Europe", Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 8/16/2003

48.  Kathy: Thanks for your positive words. It's nice that the site helps people with email addresses, since staying in touch with our classmates becomes increasingly difficult as the years go by. Please take the time to "Register" on that link, which provides more insight and information, which everybody seems to enjoy. Please stay in touch. Thanks,
 Steve Pletcher - 7/29/2003 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

47.  Thanks for keeping the web site going. I check it often, but do wish we heard from more classmates. I have used the list for updated addresses and email. It was nice to have an update from Willard and hope all is going well with those that have health problems. Kathy Kobel Mosher
 Kathy Kobel Mosher - 7/22/2003

46.  Hi Willard: Nice hearing from you, and thanks for your encouragement about keeping the website active. Please keep all of us up to date on how you're doing. Regards, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 7/1/2003 - http://midland1962reunion.com

45.  Steve, please keep the webpage going. It may not get a lot of traffic, but it provides continuity for our classmates. I have a new email address: whunter@comcast.net. Phone number is 505-710-9651. I am now living in an apartment near our home. Kathi and I get along much better when we're not together.... Sorry I missed the reunion, but I am very pleased to get emails from the class of 62.
 Willard Hunter - 6/24/2003

44.  Well class of '62, has anyone heard about a 40th for class of '63? If anyone knows. please spread the word.
 Bob wright - 4/15/2003

43.  As you can see I have enjoyed TRYING to get to re-know some of my classmates. I have not had much luck, so most likely you are right. I do appreciate all you have done, and sorry I could not have been to the last reunion. Dee McCollum
 Dee McCollum - 3/31/2003

42.  Steve, You have done a wonderful job on the website and I have enjoyed it immensely, especially since I was unable to attend the reunion. However, I realize from my last few visits to the website, that interest has waned and that it isn't fair to you to have to keep it going for little response. It was obviously a great means of communication before the reunion, and I would definitely recommend resuming it before the next one. Thank you for all of your patience and effort in this endeavor. I hope you are having a great year. Judi Abt Arthur
 Judi Abt Arthur - 3/31/2003

41.  Hello 1962 Midland Classmates: I am considering whether our Midland1962reunion website has outlived its usefulness?? Although the website was very helpful during our "find our classmates" phase, and also for promoting last summer's reunion gathering in Midland, it is clear from recent site visit stats, as well as both the Personal Information pages and the Message Board, that peoples' attentions have been turned in other directions. Understandably, as the war in Iraq proceeds. However, My question to all class members is whether we should continue to keep this site active, or possibly shut it down until the next reunion event is in its early planning stages?? I'd be interested in any classmate input on that question. Let me know. Thanks, SDP
 Steve Pletcher - 3/21/2003 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

40.  I may be traveling to Midland for the first time in about 15 years this May. I will have a 6 yr old, any ideas on good places to stay(B&B)etc and what to see? Thanks Dee
 Dee - 2/24/2003

39.  Beth Murphy Horney alerted me about the photos of the reunion. I am sorry I missed it. I have lost touch with everyone except Beth and it was fun reading about people. I am not sure I would have recognized anyone from the photos... Hope to hear from some old friends!
 Marcia Taber Austin - 1/25/2003

38.  Hi Steve and classmates. I am very sorry to have missed our 40th reunion. Trust me, I wanted to be there, but my personal circumstances would not permit it. It's great to see the pictures from the reunion. In my mind you all look the same as when we graduated a few years ago...! A neurologist yesterday (Jan 22 03) helped put some things in perspective for me. He confirmed a diagnosis of FTD - not the flower kind. Rather the kind meaning frontal temporal lobe dimentia. My front brain is shrinking. More on the consequences shortly.
 Willard Hunter - 1/23/2003

37.  Hello Classmates! Happy New Year!! 2002 was the year of our 40th, and a great opportunity for many of us to re-establish old acquaintances - it was great seeing so many of you after 40 years, or talking with you via the web. Hopefully this website helped us expand the cadre of classmates that attended, or with whom we are now in contact, further than we might have otherwise. I hope that 2003 will allow us to discover other ways to keep everyone in touch, and I hope you will share with me any ideas you might have. Good health and fortune to all of you in 2003. Regards,
 Steve Pletcher - 1/1/2003 - http://midland1962reunion.com

36.  Hello, all of you out there! From across the Atlantic Ocean I am sending out my best wishes for Christmas and a hopefully peaceful year 2003 to you wherever you may be at the moment. I look back onto our reunion with many fond memories and I promise to create my homepage soon. We just returned from rounding Cape Horn, spending more than 3 weeks in South America. Now we have to speed up to get ready for Christmas, when the whole family be with us again. Hopefully this finds you in good health and spirits! Fee,the exchange-student
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 12/21/2002

35.  Hello Gang: For those of you that have been wondering why I've been so uncharacteristically quiet - no, I have not been added to the "only in our memories" page of this website! However, having just moved from Memphis to Boston, still surronded by boxes piled to the ceilings, I've only just re-established a home web address, so I can get back online with everyone, send an address change around, etc. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Our magic number on "personal pages" seems to be only 8 - and I had thought maybe 75!!??!!! I had hoped for more interest, but...., what can you do? Happy holidays,
 Steve Pletcher - 12/2/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

34.  Great job with the pictures! Having not been there, I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the ones that were. Thanks for the labeling - not sure I would have known who some were! It's nice, too, to see once more some of the sights of the old home town.
 Judi Abt Arthur - 12/2/2002

33.  C'mon, ya'll.....let's get a little enthusiasm and register so we all can read what you've been up to. This web page is a wonderful way of getting and keeping in touch with fellow classmates and I'm really disappointed so few people have registered. One can only read the "scoop" on the eight people who have registered before it gets REALLY OLD!!! Pleeeze register and give me more reading material. Thank you, thank you.
 Becky Bradley Wardell - 11/5/2002

32.  Hello Classmates: Thanks to Becky Bradley and Bob Hyde, who have sent me some labels for our vast library of pics, too many of which are still without labels. I've also added and updated several other site areas. I'd like to encourage everyone to enter a "Personal Page" (click on "Register") - a very popular area for site visiters to browse, but slow with you Classmates getting them filled out. Please give it a try! Take care, and stay in touch.
 Steve Pletcher - 11/4/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

31.  Howdy, This is a wannabe from class of '61. Just saw a couple photos including Joe Reinhardt. If memory serves(less likely every day),Joe billed himself as Mapleton's favorite son while campaigning for school office. A wonderful sense of humor then and it endures. Regards to all.
 Bill Arnold - 11/1/2002

30.  Hey SDP, you're doing a terrific job on this website - kudos to you. I think I labeled all the pictures I forwarded onto you or at least all I remembered. I'll wait 'til you do more labeling and when you get stuck, I'll begin jogging your memory(if mine is working, which isn't often). Also, please add Ed Griffin to the "deceased" list. I was so saddened to hear about Ed's death. As to Denny's article - I AM REALLY IMPRESSED and to think that man actually talked with me at the reunion. Congratulations, Denny - way to go!!
 Becky Bradley Wardell - 10/22/2002

29.  For those of you that just check this Message Board. Please note that I have added a link to the recent fabulous article about Denny Moore's efforts and successes in the Amazon. It's a great article (other than no mention of MHS!!), and we're all proud of Den. Just check the Info link. Thanks,
 Steve Pletcher - 10/20/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

28.  OK Gang! As many of you have seen, we have a lot of reunion pixs on our site now. I need your help!! We've recently changed our formatting so we can label every picture - you can see I've started to do that on the picture link. But, I have many pixs of people whose names I'm not completely sure of (yikes!). So, please email me with names - be sure to tell me which picture you're talking about, Describe clothing, number of men/woman, whatever. I know a lot of our visitors will greatly enjoy the pixs with better labels, so please lend a hand! I also have more pixs to add, which I'll be doing soon. Regards,
 Steve Pletcher - 10/20/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

27.  Denny, My Boy: Great hearing that one of our "esteemed" classmates will be featured in such an eminent scientific publication. I'll definitely check it out, and may even buy a copy - if I can get one before they fly off the newsstands. How did you like all the pictures we now have on the site? You got pretty good coverage, usually next to a lovely damsel, I notice. Some things never change! Take care down there.
 Steve Pletcher - 10/7/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

26.  Mah Baybayz, As I mentioned to some folks at the reunion, there will be an article in Science magazine about my work with native Amazonian languages in Brazil. They tell me it will be in the 11 Oct issue of Science, which can be viewed at www.sciencemag.org starting on that date. See what yer old buddy is up to... Was REALLY great to see so many of you and super thanks to the organizers of the event and of this webpage-- lot of work. -Denny
 Denny Moore - 10/7/2002

25.  Hello All: I see from the website stats that we are getting a lot of visitors, especially looking at the pixs of our fabulous fortieth reunion last June! They're probably wondering who all those incredibly good-looking people are? I will be labeling those pixs when I find the time - and also with a little help from each of you figuring out who everybody is!?! If you took any good pictures during that weekend, or have any others you'd like to have posted, please let me know. Also, please take a few minutes and begin to create your personal page (click "Register"), so all your classmates can learn a little about what you've been up to these last 40 years! I know people enjoy reading them, based on website visit stats, and hope we can get a lot more of you to try it!! Let me know if you have any questions, by emailing, using this message board, or calling. Give it a try! Take care,
 Steve Pletcher - 10/1/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

24.  Hi, Steve and all the other former class-mates who will read this, some days ago I got an email with attachement by the address of our class-mate Willard Hunter. This address is not in existence anymore as we got information by the webmaster of earthlink, and the attachement contained a VIRUS signature!!! Fortunately we discovered this early enough. So this is to warn you. I would appreciate the information if any of you share the same experience. Over here we already were discussing that our email and address list could invite "spys" to use our addresses. Now this happened. On the other hand I think it very nice to have this opportunity to communicate. Thanks, Steve. I was very busy so that I was not able to write regularly, but I promise to improve. I just wanted to get out the above mentioned warning! Best greetings across the Atlantic, Fee
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 9/26/2002

23.  Rusty, I assume you still have my address but just in case you lost it at that frenetic weekend, it is PO Box 762, Pine Plains, NY 12567. Hope the show is not until November so that we can cover it in The Country and Abroad. Hope all is well, it was great to see you again, also to see the sculptures. Best wishes, Beth
 Beth Potter - 9/17/2002

22.  Also, if anyone would like an announcement card of a show (sculpture) I am having soon, send on your snail mail address. Best, Rusty* *Not a word Carl.
 Rusty - 9/16/2002

21.  Great job, good times, none of us have changed a bit. Has anyone found the other half of the band yet. Again, agreat job. Thank You. My best to you all. Jim. AKA west of somewhere west of here - Rusty
 Rusty - 9/16/2002

20.  Hi, Steve. Mom and I are having a great time looking at all the pictures on her computer in Evanston. I'll write more later, but have one request...could you correct my e-mail address on the contact list? Thanks very much! Barb
 Barbara Clack Ghoshal - 9/16/2002

19.  Oh, SDP - you deleted the message I left on this board last evening. To reiterate, the pictures posted are wonderful for they assist in keeping one's memory intact. My email address is listed incorrectly on the list on Class List - remember rawardell@comcast.net. The info under Register will be wonderful for catching up on many whom we didn't get an opportunity to talk with at the reunion. All in all, I feel this site is GREAT and thank you and Brian for all your tremendous effort.
 Becky Bradley Wardell - 9/16/2002

18.  Thanks Steve, when I get a chance I will add to the personal pages. I sure do wish I had come to the reunion as I did not recognize and of the pictures!!!!
 Dee (Maurer) McCollum - 9/16/2002

17.  Hey Gang: We've finally made all the changes we've been talking about, and I think you'll enjoy them. Read the home page for full particulars, and check out all our newly installed reunion pixs! Let me know what you think (and who some of those gorgeous gals are?!).
 Steve Pletcher - 9/16/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

16.  Hello Gang: I wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about my commitment to post the pictures I took during our reunion in June, and also to post the pictures any of you took and forwarded to me, but have been a little too busy with work and travel to get it accomplished yet. This also applies to the creation of the new personal bio pages, which many of you have said sounds like a good idea. I hope that will help us stay in touch a little better between reunions! Another reason has been that my son Brian, a junior in college, does the programming for the site, and he's been busy as well, but we plan to have everything running by September 15th. Again, if you attended, and got some good pixs, please email or mail them to me, so we can include a lot of pixs from that fun weekend. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks,
 Steve Pletcher - 9/1/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

15.  It is so nice to read the comments regarding our 40th Class Reunion. To respond to a number of questions of those anxiously waiting to see the pictures taken. Our professional photographer (Tomar's) took a good number of candid shots as did quite a few committee members. The committee is currently working with three CD's and tons of photos to provide a good representation of all events of the reunion weekend. Bear with us, we put a lot into the planning, preparation, etc. prior and during events. Committee has met once since Jun22 and will again meet in Aug to prepare pictures/with captions for this website. Sooooo glad to hear many enjoyed Class of 1962 get-together. Keep in touch and watch the website, we will do our level best to attach photos ASAP. God Bless Bobbi (Thompson) Chapin
 Bobbi (Thompson) Chapin - 7/31/2002

14.  To any of you that attended our recent reunion, and took some good pictures: We'll be setting up this website to share as many pixs as we can, and would love to have your prize reunion shots to show everyone - especially the folks that weren't able to attend. Send me copies, either paper or electronic, and I'll get them onto the site, and return them to you. Interested? Contact me via email. Thanks,
 Steve Pletcher - 7/25/2002 - http://www.midland1962reunion.com

13.  I'm finally getting around to passing along much deserved kudos to the reunion committee for a job well done. I thoroughly enjoyed our 40th and it seemed to me everyone was having a super time. I'm sure looking forward, and waiting for, Steve to post pictures from the reunion on this site. What's the problem, SDP? Anything I can do to help? Let me know, ok? Thank you all for a most enjoyable weekend with really neat OLD friends.
 Becky Bradley Wardell - 7/16/2002

12.  I missed the reunion and would love to have a spot to catch up with old friends, find if any are living near or have similar interests. I like the idea of a page to list what you would like about yourself. I am still looking for Judy Wiggins, Bonnie Upham and Leslie Collinson, it was so long ago but thinking back on the "old days" makes me wonder where they are.
 Dee (Maurer) McCollum - 7/12/2002

11.  Hey Gang: It was a great reunion, enjoyed by all! As I mentioned to many of you that were in attendance, I'm hoping to add to this site a lot of the photos that were taken during the weekend (by me and all of you), and would appreciate receiving copies of any especially good shots any of you might have gotten. You can email if they're electronic, or mail if they're on paper. I will return anything you send me. I'd also like to hear what the interest level would be in our setting up "Personal Pages" for each classmate on the website, where you could provide as much or as little information on yourself as you wish: i.e. where you now live, size of family - spouse, kids, grand-kids, great grand kids, etc.; what you do for work and fun; favorite memories of MHS; and anything else that might be of interest. Let me know what you think, and please get those pixs to me ASAP. Best regards,
 Steve Pletcher - 7/10/2002

10.  Hi, dear classmates and especially those of the organization committee, suffering still from jetlag-I returned just yesterday from my stay in the US and Canada- I do though want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the great job you have done in organizing all these wonderful events at our reunion. I especially would like to thank you for the exceptionally warm welcome you extended to me on the occasion of my return to Midland. This was very special for me. As soon as I get organized again over here I shall be in touch with you at length, but I wanted to get this message out as soon as possible. Unfortunately this could not have been done earlier since in all the homes I was staying there was by incident something wrong with their computers at that time. So I had to wait until I was home. Best wishes to all of you-and if at some time I could return the hospitaliy you offered to me, I shall be more than glad to do so!! It was great and most interesting seeing you and talking to some of you again. Felicitas (Fee)Busch-Kempkens
 Felicitas Busch-Kempkens - 7/5/2002

9.  It's fun reading the responses, and Steve, I like the spirit of your message. I got to Midland a week late this time, but hope I'll make the next one. Bravo to everyone for gathering in the name of the class.
 Jackie (Jones) Leigh - 6/30/2002

8.  Great time, great people, great job to all involved in planning and coordination. 45th sounds good...heard some talk of combining with '61 and '63, etc...sounds like a plan.
 Dave Srodes - 6/29/2002

7.  I just had a WONDERFUL time. Thank you so much to the committee who all worked so hard to put the reunion together. You did a great job. It was so great to see old friends again; I feel as though I unintentionally chopped off several conversations "mid-sentence" as I ran into one friend after another. And I still didn't get a chance to speak to some and didn't spend enough time with others. Probably everyone feels the same. -- Steve, the website was a great idea and I'm glad you are keeping it up for awhile. Sue Killworth Miller
 Sue Killworth Miller - 6/28/2002

6.  I was only at the reunion on Saturday night and I had a wonderful time. I wish I could have spent more time with everybody who was there. My thoughts raced back to jr. high and square dancing Fridays and how we had to line up and take the partner we got. I know I would have been happy now spending time with anybody who attended the reunion at my table. I want to thank all the committee members who spent their time in planning this event. I certainly appreciate all the work you did. It was fun to see everyone and to connect with old friends. It was interesting to see smiles and faces from the past and then to realize who they were. Thanks again. Kathy Ittner Maynard
 Kathy Ittner Maynard - 6/27/2002

5.  Tom and I would like to thank the reunion committee for a job well done and Steve for this web page. We had a wonderful time both evenings and although we tried to "work" opposite sides of the room we still didn't have an opportunity to say hello to everyone. The time flew by and we didn't have enough time to catch up on 40 years. Hopefully we can keep this page going and all meet again in 5 years. Tom and Joanie(Moutsatson)Billingsley
 joan billingsley - 6/26/2002

4.  The committee did a fantastic job on the reunion and special thanks to Steve for developing this website as I'm sure it spawned a lot more interest and excitement. Friday nite was terrific, maybe not including Elvis, and Bucks Run was a super hit with everyone I spoke to. I'm sure everyone wants to congratulate you "guys" on a job well done and thank you for giving us such a great opportunity to get together. Midland is a very interesting hometown and unusually special as hometowns go. Now that we have grown up followed so many different paths and many have raised our own families, we can far better appreciate how lucky we were to grow up in Midland. Best wishes to you all, it was great seeing you. Emily
 Emily Cantrell Johnson - 6/26/2002

3.  Steve, Please DO follow through and make a contact list of all those that attended, or gave the info to you even though they were unable to attend, available to the rest of us here on this website. Another thought may be having an onsite form that can be filled out by those that desire to participate, containing the above info, as well as "Life Story and Experiences" or some such title, (maybe just some fill in the blanks would work better) to update everyone on what has transpired in our lives the last 40 years. Areas of interest might be: 1. Education after high school 2. Places lived 3. Spouse and where met 4. Number of children and/or grandchildren 5. Work history and experiences 6. Interests outside of work 7. Greatest contribution or accomplishment within, or outside, of the work arena 8. etc. etc. The list could go on and on, obviously,but this is just an idea. Perhaps it could be another page on the website, like the Message Board, that could be accessed to see who has contributed and for all of us to catch up on the lives of our former classmates. Sounds like everyone had a marvelous time. Wish I could have been there, but perhaps it will work out for the 45th! Congratulations to all on a job well done, and to you, Steve, for a wonderful website! Judi(Abt)Arthur
 Judi (Abt) Arthur - 6/25/2002

2.  It was a wonderful time with people who knew us - Ruth Kropscott and Carl Coffin - when we were HS kids. As out-of-towners we didn't need any entertainment, just time with our long lost friends - Rusty Stark, Dee Upton, Tom Everett, Barb Clack, Sue Roeller, Sherry Hendershot, Steve Smith, Bob Smith, Jerry Parsons, Becky Bradley, Joe Rinehart, Frank Philip, Ty Gillespie, and many others. We felt like kids in a candy shop! But the organizers did a great job putting it together. We're sorry we missed the dinner Sat nite (due bad flying weather in Georgia and Florida) but Friday was a blast. Does an "open mike" make sense maybe after the dinner for people who may want to say something to the group about their experiences or their feelings? Thanks again to Steve Pletcher and the work group. It was terrific.
 Carl/Ruth Coffin - 6/25/2002

1.  WHAT A WONDERFUL REUNION!!! I would personally like to thank all of the committee members for all of their obvious hard work!!! And thanks to you, Steve, for keeping the web site open! It was so wonderful seeing every one!!! Joei
 Joei Titus-Gillender - 6/25/2002