OK Gang! Here are pictures taken during our Fabulous Fortieth, and more to come - so keep watching.

I need your help!! We've recently changed our formatting so we can label every picture - you can see I've started to do that on the attached.

But, I have many pixs of people whose names I'm not completely sure of (yikes!). So, please email me with names - be sure to tell me which picture you're talking about, Describe clothing, number of men/woman, whatever. I know a lot of our visitors will greatly enjoy the pixs with better labels, so please lend a hand!

If you took any great photos during our reunion, please get them to me so we can post them here. You can email or snail-mail your pictures to me, and I will scan them digitally, and return them directly to you.

Be sure to check out how good looking our class has remained!! Here is what we have so far: