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Classmates registered: (87)

Judith Abt
Vance Anderson
Larry Bailey
Valerie Been
Karen Bevier
Patricia Bolan
Doug Bottomley
Rebecca Bradley
Carl Branson
Billy Brown
Carol Brown
Terrence L (Terry) Brown
Carol Burkett
Barbara Clack
Johann Colburn
Carl Colby
Cheryl Cook
Joe DeVet
Dale Faloon
Robert Featherly
Dorothy Francis
Margaret Freeman
Jean Gregory
Karen Gusler
Harold Haag
Elise Ann Hahn
Audrey Hall
Alan Heminger
Ken Herringshaw
Penelope (Penny) Hommel
Willard Hunter
Robert Hyde
James (Jim) Irish
Kathy Ittner
Peggy Johnson
Jackie Jones
Elizabeth (Betty) Kaasa
Cheryl Kekona
Kathy Kobel
Ruth Kropscott
Dee (Diane) Maurer
Garland (Elaine) Maynard
Dan McGillivray
JudyAnne McNamara
Stan Menerey
Denny Moore
Joan Moutsatson
David Ode
Arthur O'Dell
Kay Ohlrogge
Dorla Orr
Daniel Parker
Jerry Parsons
Dena (Susie) Pettijohn (Pipes)
Frank Philip
Stephen Pletcher
Barbara Pnacek
Russ Pressnell
Anne Quirin
"Joe" Hurst Palfey Rinehart
Linda Ann Rinn
Thomas Robel
Susan Roeller
Lawrence Schmitzer
Jane Schultz
Paula Serdynsky
Carla Shields
Steve Smith
Michael Snyder
Robert Spalding
Roger Spann
James Stark
Jim Stoppert
Albert Straubel
Virginia Thomas
Bobbi (Roberta) Thompson
Sharon Timmons
Sharon Timmons, Dankers
Lauretta (Joei) Titus
Damarra Upton
James Vandenberg
Don Wheaton
Cynthia (Cindy) Williams
Becky Williams
Ruth Woodland
Carol Yoder