Karen Bevier
Married Name: Crosby
2622 Pewter Place
Greensboro , NC , 27455

Email: kacrosby1015@juno.com

Phone: 336-282-5413

Years in current home: 15 years
Other locations:
We lived in Kentucky for 6 years, then back to Midland for 10 years, and now we have lived in Greensboro for the last 15 years and will be staying here. My husband has retired and our only grandchild lives here. We also have lived in Lakeland, Florida, since my husband retired, for the winters.

Marital status: married
Spouse's Name: Jack Crosby
How I met my spouse:
We met at a wedding in Midland about 6 months after I graduated. Jack was a 1960 graduate of Midland High.
Years married: We will be married 40 years in June 2003

Children's Names: Kristi and Lisa Crosby
Children's Ages: Kristi age 36, Lisa age 33
Information about children:
Kristi graduated from Michigan State and moved to Greensboro to work after graduation, she married a couple of years later and she and her husband started their own business. She has our only grandchild. Our other daughter, Lisa, went to Michigan Tech, and lives and works in the Detroit area. She is an engineer for Breed Technology.
Infomation about grandchildren:
We have 1 grandchild, Jackson (age 7) and he is a lot of fun. He lives in Greensboro, not far from us so we get to see him quite often.

Current job:
I worked for Comerica Bank both times we lived in Midland, mostly in the trust department. When we moved to Greensboro I decided to try something different, took some art classes and ended up starting my own craft business. I did craft shows in NC and VA and sold my things in shops in several states. I stopped about 5 years ago and now just paint for myself. I paint used furniture and love to faux paint walls in my home.
My husband and I like to travel, we have been to Belgium, Germany, Italy, a couple of cruises, and just booked a cruise to Alaska for our 40th Anniversary.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:

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