Vance Anderson
4806 Lancelot Court
Gladwin , MI , 48624


Phone: 989-426-0673

Years in current home: 16
Other locations:
Livonia, Jackson, Okemos, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek--All in Michigan. "Up Dated" February 19, 2007.

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Kathy
How I met my spouse:
Both of us worked for Consumers Energy in different communities and areas of the company. We met briefly during a business meeting in Lansing. Little did we know that a little over three years later, we would begin dating and get married five months after our first date. We lucked out. We are still lucking out.
Years married: 20

Children's Ages: 33,36,38 and 40
Information about children:
Two boys and two girls. Three live in Michigan and one in Texas. We had all four and their children home this past Christmas at our Michigan house.
Infomation about grandchildren:
Four boys and three girls, all so wonderful, it would be too difficult to describe all of their virtues. We've been able to have five of the grandkids to our Michigan house, which is on a lake in Gladwin, each summer for at least a week for "Grandma Camp.' Grandpa is in charge of all water activities like fishing, skiing and tubing and of course, campfires. Great fun!

Current job:
Retired August 1, 2003. Kathy and I split our time between living in Florida (The Villages) and Gladwin.
Career infomation:
Retired from Consumers Energy, a combination gas and electric utility, based in Michigan. I worked for over 35 years in a variety of management jobs in the lower half of lower Michigan. It wasn't until the last 16 months of my career, that I worked in the Midland area. Every now and then, I miss working. But, the longing only lasts for about five minutes!

44 of the 50 States), Brazil, Puerto Rico, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany and France. We've also taken a couple of cruises.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
Grandchildren, golf, motorcycles, four-wheel ATVs and traveling. We live on a lake, so boating and fishing take up a fair amount of fun time. Since we purchased our home in Florida, about three years ago, reading has started to take up much of my leisure time in the winter.

Prior to my retirement, it was mentoring younger employees in developing their career ambitions at Consumers. Now, it's being reliable, supportive and demonstrating my love and affection for my entire family. This is not new, but I now have a better recognition for the importance of being a solid parent and partner.

Favorite memory of MHS:
Varsity Band and all the friendships made there.

Momento to remind you of 1962:
My 1962 Yearbook and the "Senior Pictures" of many of my friends with their comments written on the back.

Biggest lesson learned:
It doesn't matter who you were or where you came from--It's what you did with your life and what you're doing with it today.

Closest friends in 1962:
It would be difficult to single out specific friends, for the fear of missing someone. However, I have stayed in close contact with Barry Schupbach in CA, Carl Coffin and Ruth Kropscott Coffin in FL, including visiting each other at our respective homes. In fact, Barry and his wife Vicky and Carl and Ruth stayed with Kathy (wife) and me during our 40th class reunion. Unfortunately, Carl has since passed away. Kathy and I both stay in touch with Ruth. Barry spent four days with me last October (2006). He was back in Michigan for Alma College's homecoming and a weekend with some of his old fellow football buddies from Alma. After his Alma activities he joined me at our Gladwin home. We played some golf, did a little fishing and tipped a couple of "pops." We definitely talked a bunch about the Class Of 1962. Since retirement, Ron Fitch, one of my Business Teachers in my senior year, along with our spouses have gotten together. Ron Fitch was the most important teacher in my life. He convinced me I was smart enough to go to college and encouraged me throughout my senior year.

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