James Vandenberg
Married Name: Fierce Tierdson
Greenville , MI , 48838

Email: vanhayden1@gmail.com

Phone: 616.894.4200

Years in current home: 1
Other locations:
Updated September 2016... Holland, MI; Argos, IN; Traverse City, Grand Rapids and Ada, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Portland, OR; Lowell, MI; San Diego and Sacramento, CA ... in that order

Marital status: M
Spouse's Name: Kimberly Kay Hayden
How I met my spouse:
While slaving in health care administration. Kimberly is now a Senior Business Analyst at Intel (sorry about their stock!) My daughters are convinced Kimberly has a metal plate in her head...the only way she could have tolerated me all these euphoric years.
Years married: 25 (GPS in my ring)

Children's Names: Kathy, Denise, Jennifer
Children's Ages: 51, 48, 45
Information about children:
Gorgeous and bright, with audacious senses of humor
Infomation about grandchildren:
Andrew Aaron-20 a delightful and responsible young man; Nathaniel Scott-16 (driving now!)scary bright, top student, great touch on the piano and tennis court; Sophia Soleil-14 very bright, 'A' student, wise beyond her years and having fun on the soccer field; Matthew Wyatt-11 very bright (his teacher had him reading books to his kindergarten class while she took breaks), loves baseball (little-leaguer), trivial pursuit and music, displays empathy beyond his years; Audrey Chandra-11 very bright and creative, non-stop talker, rapier wit and misses nothing.

Current job:
Retired end of March, 2006, from a position as a Senior (emphasis) Computer Programmer/Analyst. My bride retired from Intel this last February...so we're both now very dangerous.
Career infomation:
12 years a health care administrator, 5 years a custom home builder, 17 years a computer geek

Most of my traveling is between the couch and the refrigerator

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
piano, acoustic guitar, writing music, building furniture, reading, golf.

Surviving to this ripe old age, in spite of my sedentary lifestyle. Like to believe my 12 years in long-term health care administration had a positive impact on the quality of life of the many residents entrusted to our care, and their families as well.

Favorite memory of MHS:
Learning to dance... been dancing like nobody's watching ever since. (Thank you... you know who you are)

Momento to remind you of 1962:
Grad photos, with black-mailable personal comments written on the back.

Biggest lesson learned:
He who laughs last is slow...

Closest friends in 1962:
Al Heminger, Dan Parker, Gary Wickens, et al. Like many, a busy day-to-day makes me miserably remiss in staying in touch. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Hi, guys!!

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