Billy Brown
2909 Monterey Ave SE
Albuquerque , NM , 87106


Phone: 505-401-8139

Years in current home: 4
Other locations:
Alma, Michigan (Alma College), Hanover, New Hampshire (grad school) Stockton, California Phoenix, Arizona Albuquerque, New Mexico

Marital status: Divorced
Spouse's Name: Current partner's name: Sandi; Ex's name Ann
How I met my spouse:
I met my current partner, and we began dating, when we were both in a seminar entitled "Sex and Intimacy"
Years married: 34 with ex-wife, 5 years with Sandi

Children's Names: Elizabeth, Alexander
Children's Ages: 29 (deceased), 25
Information about children:
Alexander is a very talented young man, a State Champion competitor in Speech and Debate. He also was a very successful high school thespian, having acted, written and directed in numerous plays, which he continued into college and after college. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he works for a gourmet foods import company specializing in cheeses and chocolates, writes a weekly food column (search online for "Hot Knives"), and sings in a "Noise Rock" band. Such a joy boy! Elizabeth was a beautiful, talented girl, who was a state champion competetitor in Speech, Debate, and Mock Trial, as well as a terrific stage actress. She was just a few weeks away from entering University of Chicago on a full academic scholarship when she died at age 18 in a car crash in Claremont, California, near Los Angeles, in August 1996. I miss her every day. It seems impossible that it has been nearly 11 years since I held her in my arms ... :-( The silver lining in this tragedy (if there ever could be such a thing) is that I became a poet after her death, which has brought me great comfort and joy. I also have been very active in the Bereaved Parent "community," helping many other grieving parents deal with their losses. I am a totally different person than I was before her death.
Infomation about grandchildren:
Still awaiting this blessing. Alex would make a WONDERFUL father!

Current job:
Yes. I now have 2 businesses: Mathematics & Statistics Tutor, Caterer and Baker. My most active business is tutoring Mathematics and Statistics for High School, Community College, and University students. There are LOTS of students who need help with Math and Stats! I enjoy this activity VERY much. For me there very few career joys to compare with making a difference with a struggling student ... to have them see that they CAN understand and succeed in their courses, when they thought it was hopeless! My catering/baking business is very recent and still very small. My specialty is Lavender Brownies! Just in the past 4 months I have placed my cookies and brownies/blondies in my first local stores: a small coffee shop, a new delicatessan, and a convenience store/gas station. Watch out ... here comes the next FAMOUS AMOS! For those who live in the East, perhaps you have heard of Nilda's baked desserts?
Career infomation:
College Mathematics professor at University of The Pacific (14 years) ~~ Automation engineer/manager/trainer with Intel Corporation (12 years) ~~ High School Math teacher (4 years) ~~ Organizer & Manager of charity golf tournaments (4 years) ~~ Professional Mathematics & Statistics Tutor (11 years) ~~ Caterer and Baker (1 year)

NEXT big travel plan: rent a villa in Italy for several weeks next summer (2008) with 8 or more freinds. During college, a two-week trip to Jamaica for Christmas, 1964 A 12-day singing tour of Britain in 1980 with the Stockton (CA) Chorale. WE sang with other British groups, mostly Brass Bands. We sang with a Royal Air Force Brass ensemble in St Paul's Cathedral in London! A highlight was to kiss the ground at the Royal and Ancient in ST. Andrews. A month-long training visit to Penang, Maylasia, in 1985. I had just joined Intel Corporation, and we were preparing to start up a new factory in Chandler, Arizona. We visited Malaysia to learn from the people operating a similar factory. Of course, we took every opportunity to make some extra stops ... in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore! A one-week business trip to Ireland with Intel. Didn't arrange to do much sight seeing, though I DID enjoy the pubs as well as hear a concert by the Irish National Orchestra in Dublin. Sadly, no golf. A one-week training trip to elat, Israel, again with Intel. Three highlights: 1) partying in our hotel rooms till early morning with the Irish contingent, drinking beer and singing; 2) Seeing the M. C. Escher collection at the Israeli National Museul in Jerusalem; 3) Touring the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, with its beautiful Islamic architecture and geometric designs. On the way to Israel I stopped in Spain to see The Prado in Madrid and The Alhambra in Granada. On the way back I stopped in Holland to see the M. C. Escher collection in the Gementemuseum (sp?) in The Hague. I have a wild story about being checked by security in Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
Singing, Golf, Performing Arts (especially theater and opera), Poetry, Cooking, Mathematics, Statistics,

Being the father of two fabulous children! ~~ Dealing powerfully with the death of my daughter, Elizabeth, in such a way that I have created a wonderful life, full of happiness, joy, love, play, fun, and ease! ~~ Singing in Carnegie Hall ~~ Earning a PhD in Mathematics ~~ Creating a successful business as Professional Tutor ~~ Creating a second business as a Caterer and Baker; my company's name is "Cuisine del Corazon" ~~ becoming a poet at age 52 and publishing approximately 20 poems ~~ Creating a new poetry event in Albuquerque, our Quarterly Poetry Open House, which we are about to host for the TENTH time!

Favorite memory of MHS:
Beer parties in the Midland forest.

Momento to remind you of 1962:
Yearbook and friendship with my high school buddy, Willard Hunter, who lives near me here in Albuquerque.

Biggest lesson learned:
That I (as do we all) have the power to create my own life, full of whatever I want, through my own thoughts, feelings and actions, no matter what the circumstances. It is not what happens ... it is what we create in those circumstances ... that makes all the difference!

Closest friends in 1962:
Willard Hunter - We talk regularly ~~

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