Ruth Kropscott
Married Name: Coffin
2504 SE Anchorage Cove Apt G-3
Port St Lucie , FL , 34952


Phone: 772-359-9692

Years in current home: 14
Other locations:
Peru, IN

Marital status: widow
Spouse's Name: Carl Coffin
How I met my spouse:
At a Holloween party at Susan Roellers
Years married: 12

Information about children:
my children are from my first marriage. Scott is a train engineer in Peru, In and Matt is an actuary in Chicago. Carl as a daughter, Katie, in Ft. Collins, CO.
Infomation about grandchildren:
Scott has two children-Raygan is 7 and Gavin is 5. Katie has three children-Tyrell, Nathaniel, Piper.

Current job:
I stopped working as a dietitian last October(2006). My new passion is teaching a science lab for a 4th grade class. My dad did thisw for 17 years and then passed all the materials on to me. My first class is always to tell about life before plastics and discoveries made in my dad's lab. It is great fun. I also sing in a community group and have help to organize a summer music camp for kids. My journey without Carl has been really difficult, but I am doing a lot better as I enter year 3.
Career infomation:
Worked as a clinical dietitian nearly all of my life. When the boys were small I consulted at nursing homes. I have worked in about 7 hospitals and 13 nursing homes. Because my first marriage was not a happy one, I felt I was defined by my work. It was strange when I decided to stop working, but I just knew I didn't want to work for money any more. Too much responsibility.

Not a lot of traveling since high school. I have gone to Hawaii twice. Did the usual road trips west and midwest. The first Christmas after Carl died, my son was in Holland and I visited him there.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
My science class is my favorite. I also sing in a community chorus and help with a summer music camp for kids. I have a home in GA that I don't get to often, but will probably live there when I leave FL. There is a school there that will let me teach also.

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