Cheryl Cook
Married Name: Pribus
2108 Carriage Lane
Atco , NJ , 08004


Phone: 856-767-4027

Years in current home: 31
Other locations:
Mt. Pleansant, MI, Kansas City, MO, Queens (Astoria), NY, Philadelphia, PA, Northeast Philadelphia, PA Brookhaven, PA, and Voorhees, NJ

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: C. William (Bill)
How I met my spouse:
I was scraping ice off my car at 9 PM on Dec. 17, 1973 (after a bad ice storm) when I heard "noise" on the other side of my car. It was my "prosective" husband, Bill
Years married: 32

Children's Names: unable to conceive
Children's Ages: 0
Information about children:
I was unable to have children of my own, but I have been the "mother" to 5 adorable "Yorkies." Three are in "heaven," however, Sonshine (10yrs) and Mercy ("almost" 2yrs) presently give me more pleasure than a body could imagine and "no back talk!" :>) My husband has two childeren from a previous marriage, Matthew (Matt) Pribus and Rae Marie (Mimi) Weigel. Matt lives in Lawrenceville, GA. Mimi lives in Cleveland, OH (but not for long).
Infomation about grandchildren:
Matt has 1 son, Alex, 15 yrs old. Mimi has a daughter, Kelsey, age 12 and a son, Dakota, age 7. They're all gorgeous kids even though "I" had nothing to do with it! :>)

Current job:
NO! I haven't worked for 20 years and I have a hard time wiping the smile off my face!
Career infomation:
I attened Central MI for a "short" while then went on to an airline school in Kansas City, MO. I couldn't get an airline job in "MKC" (they were all for NYC) so I took a job out of MKC photographing children which required being in a different state each WEEK! I loved the work but hated being a "single" girl traveling alone. So, after about 6 months, I went back to MI and worked on Mackinaw Island (Grand Hotel's snack bar) for the summer. I was called back to MKC for another airline job interview, accepted, and "then" asked them "where?" NYC, of course, so I went. I worked for TWA for 23 years (out of NYC and PHL) doing everything from reservations, tour agent, rate desk (fares) agent, ticket agent, agency and TWA computer teacher, and flight attendant. Loved my job(s) with TWA but hated the way the airlines were I quit and haven't worked since...which I LOVE!!!!!

I worked for TWA. Does that give you a "clue" that there would be too many to list? I LOVED EVERYWHERE I went, without exception!

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
I teach 4th and 5th grade Sunday School at the Atco Presbyterian Church. I bowl (only 162 average) once a week, am a deacon at church, do many different crafts, refinsh furniture, stencil, am on the Library Board, and have about "150" children/young adults who call me "Aunt" Cheryl!

Becoming an "adopted Aunt" to so many children. I couldn't have children for a reason...about 150 of them!

Favorite memory of MHS:
I don't know if this is my "favorite" because it's the "ONLY" one I remember! (With someone's help, other memories "might" return! :>) I was in Soc. Science class and becoming "bored." I took the silver paper off a stick of chewing gum, made a tiny little "wad," and (because I sat right next to the window) threw the "wad" out the window's small opening. At that moment I was "spotted" by the teacher (I "think" it was Mr. Starr) who said, "Okay, young lady, I now want you to go down and get that piece of paper and bring it back to class." To which I replied, "How am I going to find a tiny piece of paper in all that grass?" To which the teacher replied, "Then come back with 'any' piece of paper!" Obviously, I was "mortified" but left the room (I'm sure I was crying because I'm such a "cry baby!") and proceeded downstairs (we were on the second floor)when all of a sudden a "brilliant" idea popped into my head! (They do come to me every few years!) Instead of going outside, I marched into Mr. Wang's office (assist. principal) and asked for a "piece of paper" to get back into class! After telling him what I had done (I "admitted" I was wrong!), he said that the teacher should NOT have "corrected me" in that "manner," but he said, "Well, I suppose you won't do that again! Here's your "re-admit" paper. When I walked back into class and handed the teacher (?Mr. Starr?) my "paper," the "shocked" look on his face was worth getting "kicked out!"

Momento to remind you of 1962:
I still have my class ring. (No, I don't wear it but I "do" look at it every so often! :>) Also, I still have my yearbooks thanks to my mother.

Biggest lesson learned:
That "I" can do NOTHING without the guidance of God/Christ/The Holy Spirit! It would take too long (like I haven't already!:>) but without the Lord in my life, I would never be able to be the executor to my younger sister (Deanna, "Dee") and brother-in-law's (Jim Eaton) estates. (They were both killed when their private aircraft went down in the Gulf of Mexico off Venice, FL March 30, 2005.) I am STILL working on the estates because they were so very complicated!

Closest friends in 1962:
I "think" it was Kenny Clark and Judy Craig that I did "most" of my getting into trouble stuff with on regular basis. I just recently found out that Judy is no longer here on earth. However, Kenny's mother lives in Midland's Riverside and when I called my mother on her cell (I do that EVERY night), she was visiting "Punk" (Kenny's Mom). It just so happened that Kenny was visiting from Colorado and I spoke with her for a few moments on my mother's cell. I "physically" saw Sharon Timmons Kobel shortly after I had missed our 40th reunion. (It was because of that reunion, I received a couple of e-mails!) She came to see me when I came up to visit with my mother. I regularly e-mail both Sharon and her sister-in-law, Kathy Kobel Mosher. Other than the e-mails from Sharon & Kathy, I haven't seen ANYONE since graduation! :>( "THE END"

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