Lauretta (Joei) Titus
Married Name: Gillender
14624 Sunset Pine Drive
Delray Beach , FL , 33445


Years in current home: 18
Other locations:
Big Rapids, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, High Point, NC, Boca Raton, FL, Delray Beach, FL

Marital status: Widow
How I met my spouse:
As decadent as it may sound I met my best friend & husband in a bar
Years married: 10

Children's Names: Melissa Josephine
Children's Ages: she says 29 . . . (39)
Information about children:
My Daughter is the most wonderful young lady and human being anyone could ask for . . . (I might not have made that statement 20 year ago)
Infomation about grandchildren:
Brittany Gillender (19) intellegent, sweet, kind, loving - MAJOR great child. Laila Nichole (8) also intellegent, has enough energy to get a rocket to the moon, already knows how to get her own way (Dad is a REAL push over) - MAJOR great child. Robinson Graham (7) if you have a Granddaughter this age you might want to consider keeping her away from this little cutie - MAJOR great child

Current job:
Yes, I am still working! I am Office Manager/Administrative Assistant (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer) for a lovely little marina in Delray Beach, FL
Career infomation:
I worked in the interior design field for a short period of time, then was employeed at a major department store in Grand Rapids (Wurzburg's) in the Display Department. Have also worked as a Graphic Artist and Scheduling Coordinator for a commercial photography studio (Norling Studios) in High Point, NC, and,last but not least, Marina Delray in Delray Beach, FL.

Went to Alaska after my Husband died in 1983 - other than that I have never been outside the Continental United States - I have been to several states to family reunions or on business trips

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
Gardening (Florida style now), reading, crocheting, crafts, sky diving is GREAT fun!

My lovely Daughter and surviving the last 29 years on my own

Favorite memory of MHS:
The cafeteria pizza and sloppy joes at lunch time, art class, the football games and making confetti for those all important touch downs, the dances held in the gym after the games, there are just too many to single out just ONE or two or . . .

Momento to remind you of 1962:
My Year Book

Biggest lesson learned:
If you don't have FAITH you are in trouble!

Closest friends in 1962:
Linda Rinn-Schram - last week, Kay Ohlrogge and Juliann Wolverton-Feldt - yesterday, Joanie Moutsatson-Billingsley - just a couple days ago, she was encouraging me to get to our 45th reunion!

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