Stephen Pletcher
13 Blynman Circle
Manchester by the Sea , MA , 01944


Phone: 978-578-5556

Years in current home: we moved to Manchester June 2016
Other locations:
UPDATED Sept. 29, 2016 I've been in the hotel business since graduating from college, in that industry you move around a lot, so we have lived in Boston, the Bahamas, New York City, Arizona, Minneapolis, Boston (again), back to Phoenix, then to Memphis, (TN). However, in 2002,we moved back to Boston; first to Prides Crossing for 14 years, and then in June 2016 we moved to our new house in Manchester by the Sea.

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Janet Marie Crivello
How I met my spouse:
In Boston, during a forced sabatical from Midd between my Junior and Senior years.
Years married: 48 years

Children's Names: Brian Thomas
Children's Ages: 34
Information about children:
Brian has his MBA from Boston University. He did his under-grad at Middlebury College in Vermont.Brian is our only child - but fortunately, a great one!! He got married in June 2011
Infomation about grandchildren:
None, and apparently none planned!

Current job:
I stopped working full time in Jan. 2015. As many of my non-working friends had told me would happen, I've quickly filled my former working time with several board assignments and other volunteer work, moving to a new house, and trying to get a golf game going that doesn't embarrass me!
Career infomation:
The hotel business, since college. Originally in property operations, then into various corporate roles. I most recently headed a subsidiary of Promus Hotel Corp., as President a role I enjoyed. I then went back with a group of guys I'd known for many years, and worked there for 12 years until crossing swords with a psychotic boss, which ended my work there. I then worked for myself with my own consulting business for three years before concluding my working years just two years ago.

We have a sail boat which we keep just north of Portland, Maine, and now that I'm not working, hope to use more. During the summer of 2016 we took a cruise that started in Ireland and ended in Iceland, with Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands in between - great fun! Also spent three weeks that summer on our own boat cruising up the coast of Maine.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
We love the water, with water skiing and boating - both sail and power, on the top of my list. We bought a new sailboat in 2003 so any of you that like to sail, give me a call!! We also snow ski, rock climb, collect antique scales, and other items. I love bridge and other card games, and enjoy reading books about mathematics and math puzzles and diversions. I also still love to sing, and with Janet my wife sing in our local church choir and another smaller audition chamber chorus where I am on the board and acting-president.

A successful marriage - if 48 years can be considered a success, plus a wonderful 34 year old son would be on top my list. I had both of my parents until Oct, 2006 when my Dad died, followed by my Mom's death in Nov. 2007. We also have now lost both of Janet's parents in recent years, so are now the seniors in our respective families - that's scary! My business career has also been very rewarding in many ways, (despite an ugly conclusion) and I'm proud of that.

Favorite memory of MHS:
I don't think we realized how fortunate we were, to lived in a town like Midland, and to have the benefits of a school like MHS. Although we were clearly very cloistered - from many world issues, I still think it provided a great basis for a successful life!

Momento to remind you of 1962:
My memories are pretty precious - especially with the passage of time! I have used my Yearbook extensively while helping with the reunion planning for our 40th, and I still have a lot of those little pixs we used to exchange at each year end - that have some delightful notes from some of you.

Biggest lesson learned:
That life values are important! That all successes come through your relationship with others. That not only brilliant people are successful; and that many are not!?! Having now lost both my parents within the space of 13 months - Dad first at 91, followed by Mom in Nov. 2007 at 90, I have a slightly more "adult" perspective on living without your parents.

Closest friends in 1962:
Although I couldn't make it to the 45th, due to my Mother's situation, I was pleased to attend, and help a bit in organizing, both our 40th and 50th. The highlights of our 40th reunion was seeing so many old (former)friends - everyone of which was special to see again, whether my closest friends in 1962, or just an acquaintance. I'm looking forward to our 55th in September 2017!

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