Ruth Woodland
Married Name: Anderson
21 Gerhard Ct.
Saginaw , MI , 48602


Phone: 989-7920372

Years in current home: 5
Other locations:
Rochester, New York 1 year

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Kenneth
How I met my spouse:
In Church
Years married: 22

Children's Names: Timothy, Bradley, & Jason Wright
Children's Ages: 40, 38, 35
Information about children:
Timothy is an electrical engineer for TRW. He is married to Karen Gottschalk. They have two boys Ethan 5 and Toby 3. They live in Ann Arbor. Bradley is a college professor teaching Public Administration for the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. He and his wife, Helen have three children. Isaac is 10, Grace is 8 and Sylvia is 4 months. Jason (known as J.P.) is an Systems and Applications engineer with a masters in business. He currently works in Indianapolis for Ace Technologies. He and his wife, Beckey are building a house in East Lansing. Beckey is beginning work on her doctorate concentraiting on marriage counseling. They have been married just over a year.
Infomation about grandchildren:
Isaac the oldest is a huge soccer and baseball fan. He starts 5th grade this year. Grace is a lego buff who always wears pink. Both older children are avid readers. Sylvia, well, it is too soon to tell, but she does like watching sports along with the rest of the family. Ethan starts kindergarten this year. He and his brother Toby like to build things with legos.

Current job:
I am still working. I teach third grade at Kempton Elementary in Saginaw. I really like what I am doing so right now I have no reason to retire.
Career infomation:
As a single mom I went back to school to get a masters degree in teaching. I started teaching in the adult education program in Saginaw. After that folded, I did several long term subs and then landed a job in elementary. I have alternated between 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. In 2005 one of my students nominated me for the Saginaw News Chrystal Apple Award. Earning the award was certainly a highlight in my teaching career. Last year I moved to Kempton elementary when my previous school, Fuerbringer, closed its doors. I now work with what two other super 3rd grade teachers. It can't get much better.

Eight years ago we were asked by a young couple if we would like to come and visit them in France. We left as soon as school was out and were there 3 weeks. The first week we babysat and ran their French household while they took a second honeymoon. After that we toured. It was a wonderful experience. In 2004 we went to Alaska. Ken's granddaughter was a military doctor there so we got to stay with her some of the time. The rest of the time we traveled around that beautiful state. They really are layed back in Alaska. Since our plane left for home early in the morning we made a deal with the car rental place that we could leave our rental at the taxi service next door to their business. Three weeks after we got home they called us to ask us where we had left the car.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
I love martial arts (tae kwon do). I was working on my black belt when I had to quit because of a problem with my hands. I also am a knitter. I enjoy reading, growing roses, and cooking.

I guess I answered this question too soon.

Favorite memory of MHS:
My time in photography class.

Momento to remind you of 1962:
I do have the year book. It had to be rescued from a flood in l978.

Biggest lesson learned:
Pray, do your best, then roll with the punches.

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