Kathy Kobel
Married Name: Mosher
4548 Choice Circle
Traverse City , MI , 49684

Email: kmosher@chartermi.net

Phone: 231-943-9462

Years in current home: 5 years (TC 37 yrs)
Other locations:
Midland and Traverse City

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Bob Mosher
How I met my spouse:
On a double date our junior year. Thanks to Chuck Tabb, who prompt Bob into calling me, we've been together ever since.
Years married: 45 +

Children's Names: Robert (Scott) & Kendra
Children's Ages: Age 44 & 43
Information about children:
Scott is married with two children. He is owner of Active Brace and Limb in T.C. Kendra is married with two children and lives in Shelby, NC. She stays in shape by teaching aerobics at the YMCA and Health classes at Shelby Community College.
Infomation about grandchildren:
We have three grandaughters, Stevie (19)came home from college and does foreign dispatch for a trucking company in Charlotte, NC. Ryan Kaye(19)of TC works at her dads office. Rylee (17) is a senior at Shelby, NC High School and Logan 15,our only grandson, is in 10th grade at West Senior High in TC. They are all great kids with different personalities and goals in life. Bob & I try never to miss any of their school functions or special events.

Current job:
I retired from Cherryland Electric after 30 years, then got bored. I now work at TC State Bank a couple of days a week. Bob retired in 2005 and drives part time for a car dealer as well as doing most of the cooking at home. His good cooking shows on both of us.
Career infomation:
I worked at Dow Chemical before moving to TC. I then worked at a finace company and went on to 30 yrs at the utility company. Now I am a banker.

We have traveled through Canada to Maine, Florida, Texas, Mexico and all the states to get therea a few extras We have spent a lot of time in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
I am still interested in music, arts and crafts, gardening and vacationing. I try a little golf, but don't like the hot sun.

Bob and I are both very proud of our children and their success. We tried to be good roll models and feel we accomplished this even though we were both working parents.

Favorite memory of MHS:
Oh, there are so many; football games, dances, Girls Glee Club, Mr. Linden's art classes, lunchroom conversations, working in the school office, proms. Most everything about MHS are good memories.

Momento to remind you of 1962:
Of course, I have "Bob" and we are still making memories together and pray we have many more years together. We review the year book often to refresh our memories of our many school friends.

Biggest lesson learned:
To believe in God, to love, be patient and kind.

Closest friends in 1962:
Cheryl Miller called 9/9/07 from Maui. Diane Carl ? not enough. So many to list, but sadly haven't stayed in touch.

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