Valerie Been
Married Name: Lober
155 N Harbor Dr, 1002
Chicago , IL , 60601


Phone: 312-616-6735

Years in current home: 14
Other locations:
East Lansing, Michigan; Geneva, Switzerland; Seattle, Washington; New York, New York; Cheney, Washington; and, Chicago, Illinois Peoria, Arizona

Marital status: Widowed
Spouse's Name: Ross Lober
How I met my spouse:
Social function at Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Years married: 20 years, 4 months

Information about children:
No children

Current job:
Career infomation:
Graduated from the U of M as a dental hygienist and from Columbia University in New York with Masters; Taught dental hygiene at University of Washington; Obtained PhD in Education at University of Chicago; Became employed by the American Dental Association creating national board examinations for dentists; Ultimately served as Executive Director of American Board of Oral Implantology in Chicago, Retired in 2008.

My husband and I traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia. My one word of advice: If you are desirous of traveling with someone special, GO NOW, before your opportunity passes.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
Caring for my very elderly mother; spending time with my friends; and, attending concerts. I am currently having the living room furniture reupholstered, and the process has been fun.

Having the courage to go forth in my life without my husband (and, soul-mate), Ross.

Favorite memory of MHS:

Momento to remind you of 1962:
The 1960, 1961, and 1962 Chemic yearbooks

Biggest lesson learned:
Taking a genuine interest in and caring for others

Closest friends in 1962:
Nancy Christianson, Bonnie German,and Jacqueline Jones I have been fortunate to have been in communication with Jackie Jones periodically.

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