Anne Quirin
D-10719 Berlin , Germany


Years in current home: 31
Other locations:
New York City, Rome, London, different places in Germany

Marital status: single

Current job:
I went into early retirement in 2004.where I had been an editor/producer/anchorwoman/writer for 35 years in the dept. of cultural affairs) .
Career infomation:
I was an editor/producer/anchorwoman/writer for 35 years in the dept. of cultural affairs, German public radio, Berlin. I stayed in and worked out of NYC for 16 years, six months out of the year. I studied in Germany, England and NYC (Columbia U.), gathering an M.A, and a M.Sc. -- I wrote radio features and magazine pieces.

US, Italy, Gr.Britain, France, Syria, Iran.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
writing, photography, gardening, keeping up with my international friends

my book about New York, -- my award winning radio features, -- training about 350 radio journalists, -- my big, wild and beautiful garden

Favorite memory of MHS:
'give me an 'M', give me an'H', give me an'S' - -- MIDLAND!! go, go go!-- sock hops, church outings in the woods, -- living with the Yates family -- , my English teacher, Ms.Robinson -- you see: there is no ONE single memory...

Momento to remind you of 1962:
I have the school ring, the year book, many, many photographs, and lovely contacts with the Yates' "children", Sue, Tom, Sam.

Biggest lesson learned:
forget your nationality, your religion, your sexual orientation -- just be a respectful,tolerant, charitable human being.

Closest friends in 1962:
Fee Busch, (we are in touch), Jackie Jones (we are not in touch), and others who I would have to look up in the 1962 year book...

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