James (Jim) Irish
27 Freshet Rd
Madbury , NH , 03823

Email: jirish@whoi.edu

Years in current home: 6
Other locations:
Yellow Springs, OH Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA New York, NY Miami, FL San Diego, CA Seattle, WA Madbury, NH Waquoit, MA

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Peggy Ann Thompson
How I met my spouse:
College Social - introduced by room mate
Years married: 47

Children's Names: none

Current job:
I tried retiring in 2006, but it didn't take and I am still working in oceanography - deploying instrumented buoys and working with graduate students.
Career infomation:
BS Physics from Antioch College Work study - outdoor education, electronic research, architecture, biochemistry, oceanography. MS and PhD oceanography, Scrips Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA - North Pacific tides, and tides between Australia and Antarctica. Univ. Wash Applied Physics Lab. - internal waves and tides, acoustic transmission, turbulence. Univ. New Hampshire, bottom pressure measurements and moored temperature and salinity on California, New England and Gulf of Maine. Currents in Strait of Gibraltar. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Cape Cod - fish recruitment on Georges Bank, acoustic measurements of census of marine life, moored mesurements on Georges Bank, acoustic transmission studies in South China Sea and New Jersey Shelf, bottom boundary and sediment transport studies. retired finally Univ. of New Hampshire again doing moored observations of CO2 gas transfer and studies of waves and currents in support of satellite altemetry data, still working with instrumentation and students.

2 Months on a ship betwen Australia and Antartica, the a month coming home through Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, and Tahiti. Several trips to England, Wales and Scotland this year. Trip by boat down the Rhine River and a week in Northern Germany with friends.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
Photography, gardening, music, genealogy.

Favorite memory of MHS:
Latin Guild Banquet and parade floats

Momento to remind you of 1962:
Yearbooks and black and white negatives of games, peoples etd (unedited and uncatalogued).

Biggest lesson learned:
Don't quit, and don't be afraid to try and fail.

Closest friends in 1962:
Jim Justin, Paul Key and others, no recent communications. Sue Yates - yearly christmas cards and family updates.

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