Alan Heminger
2262 Polo Park Drive
Dayton , OH , 45439


Phone: 937-272-8612

Years in current home: 18
Other locations:
Bay area of California Tucson, Arizona Bloomington, Indiana

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Debby
How I met my spouse:
at Indiana University
Years married: 13

Children's Names: Stacy, Leigh Anne (step children)
Children's Ages: 39 and 34
Infomation about grandchildren:

Current job:
Yes, professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
Career infomation:
Family therapist for about a dozen years, then in 1984, gave it up to get a PhD in Management Information Systems (MIS) at the University of Arizona. Since then, I've worked as a professor of MIS at Indiana University and the Air Force Institute of Technology

I've driven through most of the lower 48, been to Denmark and Portugal. Perhaps favorite place is the Big Island of Hawaii. I love traveling, especially by car.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
photography, golf, and casual biking

Seeing my students make use of their education in their careers and lives.

Favorite memory of MHS:
Class with Mr. Coanes. He was a great teacher who imparted a lot of wisdom that wasn't in the syllabus

Momento to remind you of 1962:
Just my old yearbook.

Biggest lesson learned:
I still remember Mr. Coanes talking about life lessons; usually not the ones in the syllabus. I still remember his talking about why he gave up smoking because it was one more thing in his life that controlled him. That made a lot of sense to me. Still, I smoked in college, but quite for good soon after graduating.

Closest friends in 1962:
Penny Hommel, Jim Vandenberg. I haven't seen Jim in many years. Last saw Penny about 5 years ago.

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