Susan Roeller
Married Name: Washburn
8630 N. 114th Ave.
Peoria , Az , 85345

Email: Musical 730 @

Phone: 623-933-0799

Years in current home: 15 years
Other locations:
Clarkston,Mich. Plymouth,Mich. Glendale,Az. Peoria; Az.

Marital status: widow
Spouse's Name: Joseph died 2008
How I met my spouse:
We met at Northern Michigan University. Joe was a band director and I was an elementary school teacher. We met doing the Music Man. Joe was student musical director and I played Marion Paroo the female lead.
Years married: 42 years

Children's Names: Dana,Jason, Nathaniel
Children's Ages: Dana-43 Jas-39 Nat-36
Information about children:
Dana is a Jr. High art teacher. She is coming with me to the reunion. Jason is a policeman in Surprise,Az and directs several musicals each year. Nat is a principal of an elementary charter school and he also teaches collage communications.
Infomation about grandchildren:
Savannah(Dana)is a 17 year old Jr. in H.S. She is a thespian and has a beautiful soprano voice. Jude (Dana) is 14 and a freshman. He loves sports. Skyler(Jason) is 16 a Jr. He is a fantastic actor and has a wonderful baritone voice. Noah(Jason)is 14 and a freshman. He loves doing tech in the theater. Parker(Nat) is 6 years old and in first grade. He plays football, baseball, and played the lead in a musical this summer. Hayden (Nat)is almost 3 and talks a mile a minute (a true Washburn) Emery (Nat)is only our 2nd girl and is 4 days old.

Current job:
I am teaching 45 music students per week voice and directing musicals,and performing in musicals,and running my grandchildren all over. I am very busy. I take one month off in july and I give two huge recitals in Feb and June.
Career infomation:
I taught school for 30 years, mostly Kdg. I have continued to run Washburn Studios at the same time, and am continuing to do so. I have either performed or directed over 65 musicals. Together Joe and I have taught over 17,000 kids here in the Phoenix area.This is what we hoped to do when we got married. We worked as a team for 42 years.

Joe and I have been to all but 15 states. We went to Canada, Mexico,and we took the Barry Goldwater H.S. Band to Teipei to represent Phoenix. We also went to England,France,Belgium Netherlands,Norway,Denmark, Lithaiania,Russia,Finland,and Sweden.We have taken alot of students on alot of trips.

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
musicals,singing,acting,direct-ing,scrapbooking, and boogyboarding.

Being Joe's wife,having 3 children, 7 grandchildren,and working with Joe in music as a team in the Phoenix area to teach thousands of children.

Favorite memory of MHS:
I loved playing in my highschool orchestra. We had the best orchestra in the state and Mr. Guenther was the most fabulous director. I also loved singing in Girls Glee Club.

Momento to remind you of 1962:
At the first reunion Ty Gillespy brought white cutouts that said 62MHS. I asked if I could have one. It got kind of old by our 30th and so I asked Ty if I could have another one. I still have it displayed today and it has been there since 1973!

Biggest lesson learned:
I learned to be a teacher and no matter what I teach be it Kdg, music, theater, religion, I am very proud to have been one and it has helped me to give that knowledge to others and to earn a living.

Closest friends in 1962:
Kathy Shaw Kortge, Carl Branson,and we still send Christmas cards. I also have talked to Ruth Coffin.

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