Carol Yoder
Married Name: Maxwell-Hermann
2610 Longfellow Ln
Midland , MI , 48640


Phone: 989-631-7240

Years in current home: 9
Other locations:
Hope, MI (17 yrs) Midland with short times in Knoxville TN, Lewisberg, KY,& Sydney, Australia. Now 6mo/yr in Estero,Fl and 6mo in Midland and Gaylord MI.

Marital status: Married
Spouse's Name: Robert J Hermann
Years married: June 23, 2012

Children's Names: Rhett Maxwell, Renee Ramge
Children's Ages: 50 & 48
Information about children:
My son farms and my daughter lives in Carbondale CO and works at Colorado Rocky Mtn Sch. as parent leaison and fundraiser etc.
Infomation about grandchildren:
I have three. Max 20 & Jamie 17 in Colorado and Ernie 20 in Sanford. Max & Ernie are both in College and Jamie is a senior this yr. @CRMS

Current job:
RETIRED. Love it.
Career infomation:
Farm wife & Mom for 17 yrs. Independent contractor installer of wall covering both commercial & residential for 25 yrs.

Some best trips: Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, Pannama Canal, Costa Rica, New Zealand (2 times), Australia (3 times--lived there a yr),Singapor & Malaysa, Carribian, Europe, USA

Interests, hobbies, and pastimes:
Golf, Singing, Sewing, travel

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